Friday, 10 May 2013

E45 Daily Lotion Range

E45 lotion, daily lotion, lotion for irritated skin

Before I started this blog, I have signed up to be a BzzAgent, which is one of the companies that hold review and marketing campaigns. Recently I was offered the opportunity to participate in E45's campaign, to review their new Daily Lotion range. I was also sent 10 sample packs to give out for family and friends to try, which I thought was a nice idea of spreading the word and getting some feedback.

E45 lotion, daily lotion, lotion for irritated skin

I have used E45 lotion ages ago, but only as a healing cream on irritated (really irritated) skin. It was fairly thick and greasy so I never thought of using it as part as my daily skincare routine. They have since launched a new Daily Lotion range, and it was really different! They are much lighter, runnier, and much easier to absorb. Once absorbed I do feel a thin layer of the lotion left on my skin, just like when you have just applied any lotion or moisturiser. It soon dried up, leaving my skin soft and smooth.

The fragrance free lotion is a touch lighter than the Nourish & Restore, which was designed for dry or more mature skin that requires something slightly thicker, and I'm pleasantly surprised that although it's fragrance free, it does not smell of medicine type chemicals. I also feel safe to use it on my children, let it be for a slight sun burn or to play with (Clay loves slapping cream all over himself so I just let him play with this one instead of all the other perfumed ones I've got). Hubby has really rough elbows that cracks during the dry winter days but he wasn't keen in using my girly smelling creams, this would be perfect for him too!

Nourish & Restore has a pleasant fragrance that's not overpowering yet it lingers. As mentioned above, it is a touch thicker than the fragrance free lotion, so I think it'll be better for me during the winter days when skin requires more nourishment.

I gave away all the samples, and surprisingly most who got the samples are using E45 at home frequently as well! One of the ladies is an NHS Breast Cancer senior nurse and she said that the hospital she works in uses E45 in their department, but this daily lotion is much better and easier to absorb. Overall the comments were that E45 is a trusted household brand and it's nice that they've introduced the daily range which is much lighter to use.

If you want to try it for yourself, E45 is still giving away free samples on their website here. They also have the Touchably Smooth for normal skin and Intense Recovery for very dry skin to choose from.

Disclosure: We were sent a set of samples to try and review; all opinions are honest and our own