Monday, 20 May 2013

Make Time 2 Play

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I have a confession to make. I'm not really great with playing with children. A lot of time I either have no idea what we should do together, or my mind drifts to something else that I needed to do. I was sent an article written by's resident expert Dr. Amanda Gummer about the importance of play, and it really got me thinking.

I have always wondered whether it will be better for our kids to learn things the way we did in the past, where we just sit behind desks, listening to the teachers teaching us knowledge, while we tried to absorb as much as possible. I thought that we have learned quite a lot using that method, but after reading Dr. Gummer's article, I had flashbacks of me and my fellow classmates dozing off listening to the teacher's drowsy voice, not understanding what we've learned, and not really using what we've learned after graduation.

Dr. Gummer mentioned in her article that, by learning through play, children understand and absorb knowledge while playing, as they are using the knowledge through experience. The fun that comes with learning also makes them willing to learn and focus more, unlike listening to the teachers talking all the time, making learning too boring for the children. They do, after all, have shorter attention spans than we do.

It also makes learning an interactive thing than just sitting there taking in everything they were taught. I agree that we were kind of brought up learning on our own, even though we were sitting in the same classroom.

Looking back at all the cons I experienced from learning the old way, it made me feel guilty for not spending more time with my children playing. Even though Abby is learning through play at school, playing with family is a completely different experience and would have a much stronger impact on her.

From now on I will try to make time to play with my children every day. Again, I'm not very good with play ideas, but there are plenty of them listed on Make Time 2 Play's website, for sunny days, rainy days, during travel; for half an hour or a whole day, it will surely give us enough to go on!

So here is my pledge. I will make time 2 play by taking time away from my routine, discovering new play ideas through Make Time 2 Play's website, spend at least half an hour a day with my children and enjoy the quality time together.

What about you? Are you making time 2 play with your children?

Disclosure: I wrote this article for the Make Time 2 Play campaign; everything is just me