Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pinterest - Pin It Forward UK

Pinterest, Pinterest UK, #PinItForwardUK

Have you heard of Pinterest before? It's a virtual board where you 'pin' pictures of ideas, recipes, inspiration or simply something you like to look at and keep. These can be collected while you browse through the Internet, or from your own website. Pinterest allows you to collect and organise them (as long as it does not breach the image's copyright) into many different boards. An example is for organising a wedding, you can have a board for table decorations, wedding dresses, hair style, etc.

The new Pinterest allows you to keep both public and private boards. Public boards can be seen by all Pinterest users, giving users the choice of searching for ideas within Pinterest itself, while private board can only be seen by people who are allowed to pin on that board (yes! You can invite others to pin on the same board too!).

In the past I used to collect pictures and clips from magazines and pile them into a notebook or pin them onto a cork board, but soon I ran out of space! Pinterest made it so much easier for me and what more is that each image will link back to it's source, hence storing the details of the image as well. Then there is the fact that it looks so clean, tidy and pretty, and they won't fade!

Pinterest, Pinterest UK, #PinItForwardUK

Thanks to the blogging community, I knew about Pinterest a year ago. But you are not missing anything, as Pinterest has officially landed in the UK now. To celebrate and help spread the word, they are holding a Pin it Forward UK (Twitter and Pinterest hashtag #PinItForawardUK) campaign. Many of us will be featuring our favourite board on Pinterest, to give you some idea of what fun and beautiful boards you can create yourself!

For the campaign, I have created a This is Life board shown on the first picture, where I gather images from my blog as well as the vast World Wide Web to show you what Life is from my point of view, and I'm absolutely loving it! The memories and the new things I've discovered through Pinterest made it a really special board for me.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

The next person blogging about her board is Becky from Baby Budgeting! Don't forget to pop over there tomorrow and see her beautiful boards for more inspirations!

If you are interested in opening your own account and start pinning, follow this link for a simple registration, and don't forget to follow my boards *charming smile*.