Thursday, 13 June 2013

Medibands for Safe Travelling

Mediband, Wristband with emergency contacts, Medical bracelet

If you have young children, you'll know how we feel when we visit crowded areas with ours. Both our kids tend to get distracted, likes to wander and get lost. I still remember Abby running towards a Moshi Monsters mascot in the LolliBop festival last year without turning back (one end of the festival to the other), and Clay running after his daddy on the ferry to Holland without anyone noticing (it was pure luck that hubby turned around and spotted him having a stroll!). They were really scary experiences, and the kids don't seem to learn from their mistakes either.

I bought some tough paper wristbands printed with our contact number on for occasions like this, but they get crumpled up in my bag and they don't really accommodate for children sizes. And because it's uncomfortable to wear, my kids just slip them off their wrists and gave them back to me.

When I was introduced to Mediband, I thought that it was a similar idea to paper wristbands, but I like how colourful and fashionable the silicon wristbands looked, and they are certainly more comfortable to wear, so I agreed to review them. I didn't realise until I have received them, that Mediband are much much more than just a wristband with an emergency contact number on.

Mediband, Wristband with emergency contacts, Medical bracelet

Mediband comes in many different designs, the one we reviewed are the Kids Travel Write On ones, where we can write details on the inside of the wristband's white area with a permanent marker (you can easily write on it with a ball point pen as well but they won't be permanent). They come in many bright colours, several different designs, and 4 different sizes (5.9, 7.1, 7.9 and 8.6 inches) as well, which I thought was very thoughtful. The 2 we were sent fits Abby perfectly, though a bit too big for Clay. I can of course easily replace it for less than £5 for one that will fit him perfectly.

Other Medibands, which are what the company specialises in, are wristbands for medical purpose. For example, their Allergy version has the type of allergy printed on the band (Latex, Bee Sting, Penicillin, etc), and there is a nice collection for Diabetics too. They also cover other medical conditions such as Epilepsy and Falls Risk, while their Multilingual Medibands will certainly come in handy in foreign countries. And if you still can't find something suitable, you can either choose a Write On one like the ones we were sent, or get yours custom made by them.

The beauty about these bands are that they are fashionable and you can wear 2-3 on one arm and it will still look great. If you have more information to write on, or a few conditions needed to be covered, wearing a few of them wouldn't make you or your child look out of place. Some of these bands are thinner than the one we were sent as well. As they are made of silicon, they are comfortable to wear and are hypoallergenic.

Mediband also offers a MedibandPlus service, which allows wearers to store their medical record online that can be accessed World Wide to provide emergency information to whoever is there to help. They are currently offering a free 12 months trial for this service.

Mediband, Wristband with emergency contacts, Medical bracelet

Overall we are very happy and impressed with the product, they are definitely one of a kind, and will certainly help with your travel safety. Mediband are now available online and at all good pharmacies.

Disclosure: We were sent a couple of Medibands to review; all opinions are honest and our own