Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lindy In-car Headrest Tablet Holder

In Car Tablet Holder, car headrest tablet holder, car tablet holder

In Car Tablet Holder, car headrest tablet holder, car tablet holder

This month we were given 2 great opportunities to try out products that are designed to keep children (and adults) entertained during travelling by car, especially those long dreadful ones where they couldn't sleep! To be honest, any journey that last longer than 5 minutes will set our eyes rolling.

5 minutes after the car has started moving: "Are we there yet?"
10 minutes later: " Why is it so far?!"
Another 5 minutes: "I need the toilet!!" or 10: "I want to go home now..."

And that's excluding the unlimited questions throughout. Apart from ways to  knock them out  make them sleep, we can really do with something that works otherwise. One of the product that was designed to help is this Lindy In-car Headrest Tablet Holder (rrp £14.99 with 2 years warranty).

In Car Tablet Holder, car headrest tablet holder, car tablet holder

In Car Tablet Holder, car headrest tablet holder, car tablet holder

The holder was very easy to put together and install onto the back of the headrest. Rubber pads protects the tablet from being damaged while it holds on to the tablet tightly (although the pad from one of the clamp came loose during testing). You can rotate the holder for 360 degrees, so you can rotate the tablet on the holder from landscape to portrait, or vice versa. However, if you feel more at peace by having the holder hold your tablet from the top and bottom at all times, it can still do so provided that the shortest width of your tablet is wider than 105mm. For example, our 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 can be fitted that way, but only just (see top left picture). Apart from rotating a 360 degrees, it can also turn to the side by 30 degrees, although we think that if the tablet can turn to the side for perhaps 45 degrees it would be more helpful in certain situations.

To make sure that the tablet doesn't start rotating by itself, the position can be secured by tightening the knob at the back. However, because the tablet is leaning really close to the headrest, it can be quite tricky, especially for people with bigger hands, to slip their hand between the tablet and headrest to adjust the knob. And the same thing applies to adjusting the clamps that holds the tablet. To release the clamps you'll need to flip the spring-loaded clip that's against the front seat's back.

I still think that the product isn't too bad, it did it's job to protect the tablet while giving us a free hand and peace. And how often do you need to adjust your tablet during travels anyway? With their 2 years warranty, you do feel like you can trust it to secure your expensive gadgets. Just remember to remove them when you leave the car!

Having said that, having a tablet attached to the car might not be suitable for us if we travel as a family of 4. It worked well for us when there is only one child in need to be distracted (mostly when Abby is at school or at classes), and it certainly helped hubby to distract Clay while he has his telephone conference in the front (the car was parked up of course). But with 2 kids, it kept one child quiet while upsetting the other because the tablet is installed in front of one of them only. The 30 degrees angle isn't really helping her much (see bottom right picture) either. It's safe to say that if you have 2 kids, you will be expecting to buy 2 holders (this applies to any tablet holders, not just Lindy's) and have 2 tablets for the kids to use in the car at the same time. At the moment we do not see a use for 2 tablets in our household, so this is going to be a problem for us.

Disclosure: We were sent a tablet holder to review; all opinions are honest and our own