Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Douwe Egberts New The Flavour Collective Flavour - Enticing Chocolate

Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective Coffee, Chocolate Coffee

At the beginning of the year, we've reviewed a lovely range of Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective coffee. I've got my family hooked on them since they last visited us, and we were all happy with them, especially our favourites. Just when I thought that they are settled with Delicate Vanilla, Roasted Hazenut and Smooth Caramel, they surprised me with their new flavour - Enticing Chocolate. And enticing it is!

Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective Coffee, Chocolate Coffee

Just like the other jars, their coffee are filled right to the top in the cute mini version of their signature air tight jars. When I opened the lid I smelled a gorgeous chocolatey aroma. No wonder they've described it as Enticing! I quickly made a cup of coffee, but because it smelled so chocolatey, it has mislead me into thinking that it's ok to drink it black without sugar. Well. I can tell you that no matter how chocolatey it smells, it's still coffee and if you don't drink your coffee black, you shouldn't drink this one black either. As usual, their coffee is smooth and delicious and you'll probably want a bigger mug of it than something like my tiny glass mug, which I used for photos only!

Douwe Egberts has again created something that is worth sharing. I wonder what they have in store for next time? You can buy their fantastic 50g jars (approx. 25 servings) of The Flavour Collective range now for rrp £2.99 each at ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Disclosure: We were sent a couple of jars of coffee to review; all opinions are honest and our own