Thursday, 11 July 2013

Johnson's Baby Easy Rinse Foam Shampoo Challenge

Johnson's Baby, children bath shampoo, foaming shampoo

As a parent who prefer to let her children develop their natural talents gradually, I normally don't know when they are capable of doing something new or more advanced until they did it in front of me. For example, Clay has always been given a sippy cup, then we caught him 'stealing' Abby's milk from her normal cup without spilling a drop! And after taking on Johnson's Baby Easy-rinse Foaming Shampoo challenge, I realised that Clay is ready to wash his own hair too!

Johnson's Baby, children bath shampoo, foaming shampoo

Johnson's baby has launched a new foaming shampoo, which, as their other baby hair-care products, has a No More Tears formula, meaning that they are mild enough for delicate eyes. It is suppose to be easy to rinse off and make bath time and shampooing fun. For the challenge, they would like us to:

1. Let Clay try to pump out the foaming shampoo and wash his hair himself
2. Create funny hair styles in front of the froggy mirror
3. See how easy it is to rinse the shampoo off

Johnson's Baby, children bath shampoo, foaming shampoo

Johnson's Baby, children bath shampoo, foaming shampoo
Johnson's Baby, children bath shampoo, foaming shampoo

At first Clay didn't seem to notice the cute wall stickers and the froggy mirror. He just wanted to play with his bath toys! When I pumped the foamy shampoo on his hand, he started giggling, and with a little guidance, he washed his own hair and giggled non stop at the mirror. Then he tried to pump more shampoo out! This boy loves it and wanted more! Unfortunately he couldn't get the hang of using the pump, I'm guessing that he's pressing the pump in an angle so it wouldn't go down. It's actually very easy to use if he can just press it straight down.

As I just gave him a haircut not long ago, there wasn't much hair to play with. When I tried pumping more shampoo on his hair to make foamy shapes, he just wiped them all flat. He absolutely loved looking at himself and me in the mirror though!

When he's done, he tried to lift up the rinse-cup himself but it was a bit heavy. As he was wriggling all over I couldn't keep the cup on his forehead and the water went all over his face (which is normally what happened to him at bath time, no tears or screams like his sister though!) The shampoo rinsed out quicker than the Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath I normally use as an all over, and apart from having water all over his face, his eyes were absolutely fine, just like using the Bedtime Bath.

So, we managed to:

let Clay wash his own hair
having a laugh in front of the froggy mirror, and
the shampoo was indeed easy to rinse off.

We failed to:

let Clay pump the shampoo out himself (at least Abby can benefit from this)
create funny hair styles with his short hair and busy hands

Even so, bath time was certainly fun and filled with lots more giggles. I think I'm gonna put Abby and Clay in the bath tub next and let Abby get creative. She absolutely loves bubbles and she loves piling them on top of Clay too!

Overall, I think that it's a fantastic product. It's a shampoo that is suitable to be rinsed off into the bath, which is really handy for when I bath Abby. Her hair is long and thick, so requires a proper children shampoo instead of a bath liquid to wash them, but I wouldn't want to rinse that into the bath she's sitting in. 

We all love how foamy the shampoo is, which creates lots of fun for them and made washing their hair easier and quicker as well. Although it's foamy, it's still thick and creamy enough to wash off any dirt from their hair. I initially thought that with Abby I needed a few more pumps, but I ended up with too much on her hair! The pump is fairly easy to use although Clay struggled a bit. Now I can at least let Abby get on with her own hair.

On top of the above, the shampoo smelled gorgeous. It's a bit baby like but with something extra to make me want to use it on myself too! I think next time when we go swimming I just need this and the Bedtime Bath and we will be all set! The new easy-rinse easy-to-use pump foaming shampoo is available in all good pharmacies and supermarkets now for approx. £2.99 (250ml), but ASDA is doing an offer and you can get them for £1. Good I checked, I should stock up with some myself!

Disclosure: We were sent a Hair Washing Hero Pack for the challenge in which the shampoo was for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own