Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Parragon Books for Toddlers and Reception Children

Parragon Children and Toddler books

One of the fantastic thing that happened at BritMums Live! was that I had a chance to connect with some brands face to face. Some I'm already working with, and some I haven't. One of them were Parragon Books, who has kindly given me a couple of books to bring home to read with my children, and a lovely cupcake too!

The great books we were given are:

Goodnight Little One (by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Rebecca Elliott) and
Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs (by Giles Paley-Phillips, illustrated by Liz Pichon) 

Goodnight Little One, bedtime story book, toddler bedtime story

Goodnight Little One (rrp £5.99) is a bedtime story book with absolutely beautiful pictures, and a well written poem that soothes and calms little children, to get them ready for bed. Each part of the poem sees fluffy baby animals getting to bed after they've done funny things to the skies. I read the book to 2 years old Clay, and he really enjoyed the story, which he has no problem to understand. He giggled when he saw the really cute lambs and monkeys, but has started to whisper with me towards the end of the book. He's usually a really active child even when he's ready to doze off, the book has certainly helped by calming him down, making him realise that he needed to sleep!

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs, children humour book, KS1 book

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs (pre-released copy) has a complete opposite effect to our children. Like Giles Paley-Phillips Tamara Small and the Monster Ball we've reviewed before, it's packed with fun and laughter! Abby absolutely loved it and she laughed out really loud when we finished reading it! She has requested to bring the book to school to read to her class, just like she did with Tamara Small, and I'm sure her class will have a good laugh as well. The illustration is really funny and gave her plenty to look at and giggle to.

Both books were fantastic in its own way, and Parragon Books has certainly made a fantastic choice by picking these two books for our children to review. Goodnight Little One is already out, but if you'd like the UK version of Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs, it'll be out next month.

Disclosure: We were given a couple of books to review; all our opinions are honest and our own