Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Zeamu Music - Pop Songs for Children

Zeamu Music, pop songs for children

As many people out there, I love listening to music. It never bothered me what the songs were really about, as long as they were great to listen and dance to. Years ago, however, I started noticing the lyrics. Whether it had to do with a mother's instinct to protect my children or simply because the lyrics stood out, I really don't know. But I remember I was shocked with how rude some of the songs were, and wondered why some of the songs were so full of anger and so negative. I wanted to stop my children to listen to them, but they were (and still are) everywhere, and it's almost "uncool" that Abby doesn't know the pop songs everyone else knows.

Barbara, director of Zeamu Music Ltd has spotted the problem, and decided to create pop music just for these children. They are pop songs but with lyrics children can actually relate to without all the adult stuff, for example: friendship, school, weekends and bullies, and there is a great mix of upbeat and slow songs too.

Zeamu Music, pop songs for children

Abby's favourite at the moment is School, though she soon realise that the lyrics doesn't quite apply to her as she loves school and learning! I really like their upbeat and dance songs. OMG! is almost like a disco song with "Put your hands up in the air" in one of their lines, you can't go wrong with that!

Each song applies to most of the school children: "Always seem to get the blame", "There was a time... when we fell out... but that was a long time ago" or "We need to stop complaining But it's the only way we know To get your undivided attention..." , and they are really great for parents to listen to as well, perhaps together with the children, as the songs, like all the other mainstream songs to adults, applies to them and might help us understand them a bit more.

Zeamu Music has also created 10 cool and cute Zeamus characters, each with their own personality, which children can find out more about on their website. There are also games and print outs for colouring in, invitation cards and wrapping papers too. Lyrics can be downloaded, which is great if you download the songs from the site, or they'll be included in a lyrics booklet if you buy the CD.

If you would like to check out what Zeamus Music is like for yourself, they have uploaded 2 Videos on YouTube: Alone in the Dark and It's the Weekend! . You can buy the MP3 tracks (or Karaoke version) from their web shop for 99p each or £10.99 for 14 tracks, or £10.99 for the 14 tracks CD with lyrics booklet. They also have T-shirts for £9.99 each, currently available in red or green.

As all good children website, they've included a For Parents page, and you can get more information as well through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Disclosure: We were sent a disc for review purpose; all opinions are honest and my own