Friday, 5 July 2013

Beauty This Summer

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening, skincare

I have quite an open mind about skincare. I have tried quite a good number of brands since I started looking after my skin, but my main skincare in the past few years have been Shiseido's White Lucent Brightening range. However, with Japan's radiation scare, I'll be needing something new soon. I was given some samples to try out from a few companies, something for the Summer, and here's what I think about the following brands.

Ayurveda Pura London, Ayurveda Spa, Skincare

Ayurveda Pura London, which has just won The English Hair & Beauty Awards 2013 - Spa of the Year, sells a range of personalised skin care products they use, called the Holistic Essentials. I was sent samples for:

Re-Balance Cleansing Milk for All Skin Types
Re-Fresh Daily Replenish Face Cream for Sensitive Skin
De-Stress Deep Hydrating Gel Mask for Dry Skin

I must say that their products smell absolutely divine! I can imagine a therapist giving me a facial with their gorgeous products. I normally don't use cleansing milk as they make me feel quite greasy afterwards, but this is a wash-to-remove cleansing milk hence there was no such problem. My skin felt clean and smooth.

The daily face cream was a bit rich for me as I'm used to light weight moisturisers. But the cream was absorbed quickly even with its thick, creamy texture. The fact that it's quite dry in the UK, so I should really get used to face cream's texture as they would benefit dry skin more than moisturisers. I would definitely consider buying this as I just love the smell!

I wasn't provided with instructions on how to use the products, so I decided to keep the mask on for a few minutes only and then rinse off. I would have kept it on for a bit longer but again, not knowing the instructions and since it has started to tingle on my face I had to play it safe. My skin felt lovely though after rinsing it off.

Overall I love the smell the most, and I would really love to visit their spa one day!

Jane Scrivner, Skincare

Jane Scrivner, Skincare

Jane Scrivner, also a multiple-award winner, has sent me samples for their 2 most popular and really innovative skincare products to try:

Nourising Cleanser that comes with a Fluffy Mitt
Skin Elixir

Cleansers normally comes in the form of milk that you wipe off, facial wash and facial foam. Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser is none of the above. Without looking at it's packaging, people might think that it's a pot of lip balm (the sample version anyway). It was a really interesting product to try out, as I was to massage the cleanser on my face before wiping it off with warm and then cool water using the provided mitt (which is like a face towel). It wasn't easy to apply the balm on my face when it was still in it's solid state, but it's much easier after warming it up with my fingers, which turned it into an oil-like state.

Although different, it works! After wiping it off, my face felt clean and fresh. I also love it that they approve my skincare routine. I always use a warm flannel (not muslin cloth) to open my pores up, cleanse, then wipe it off with a warm flannel again, followed by a cool flannel to close the pores. Works great and save the place from being splashed with water!

Another thing I like about it is that it is a multi-use product. You can use it as a treatment mask, or leaving it overnight on the skin as a rescue balm. And it's suppose to be good for after sun skin repair too. I've tried leaving the cleanser (oil state) on and my skin felt like my children's! I wouldn't mind to leave it in every night to be honest, it felt just like a lovely moisturiser that has instant effect!

The Skin Elixir was designed to work with the Nourishing Cleanser. Again another product that works differently than any other moisturiser, you rub the oil-like elixir on your fingers to warn it up and then "press" it into the skin where it's needed. It makes a lot of sense, having been told that the more you wipe your skin the more stretched they are. But I must say that this is not an easy task as I constantly feel like wiping it instead! It does quickly disappears into my skin though.

I really like how the duo work together, however they are one of the higher end product and at the moment and not very affordable to me. When I started working again after Clay starts school, I'll need to come back to them!

Collin Resultime, Skincare

Collin Resultime, the skincare company, has sent me their Regenerating Collagen Gel to try, which is a serum that uses 15 skin molecules to "smooth, plumps, hydrates, firms, repairs" skin. The gel is cooling and when you apply it to the skin, it felt like it was releasing a burst of water that quickly absorbs into the skin. It's very light weight which I like, and there is no greasiness left at all. It's a fantastic product especially for Summer time when you just want something cool and light weight on your skin. I haven't tried it out for long enough but I can certainly say that it does smooth, plumps and hydrates at the least.

Again, it's a product for people who can afford the luxury, but it is luxury people will get if they can afford it.

It was an eye opener trying out the above beauty products, and notes have been taken. At least I know that there are other high end products apart from Creme De la Mere that I still have a chance to pamper myself with! But for now, I'll continue my search for the next beauty products I'll be using after my Shiseido stock has finished.

Disclosure: I was sent samples of the above products; all opinions are honest and my own