Monday, 29 July 2013

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live

ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live, Ben and Holly Live

A year ago I've announced Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live Show here on my blog before the tour has started. Towards the end of the tour, we finally got a chance to watch it ourselves in Manchester's Palace Theatre last weekend! And not only did the kids enjoyed it, the adults did too!

It was a shame that we weren't allowed to take pictures, but that also meant that I got to enjoy the show more thoroughly. It was a bit weird to look at the casts wearing masks on stage at first, but we soon got over it as the cheekiness, dancing and singing was really fun! They've linked several stories together, which brought in Ben, Holly, Gaston, Nanny Plum, Lucy, Wise Old Elf and King Thistle, with really catchy songs and dance in between, and they even interacted with the audience as well.

I was impressed with the fairy costumes where the actors can control their wings to make them flutter. I also thought that, out of all the characters, the Wise Old Elf was mostly like the Wise Old Elf in the cartoon. The interaction with the audience was really well done, and they got us shouting "Behind You!" "There!", singing along and clapping, and even the adults joined in!

The kids really enjoyed the show, and Abby was already asking me when the next show will be! Hopefully there will be another one soon as I want to watch it again as well! You can visit their official website for more information about the story and see some pictures of it as well. The next stop will be Aldershot from Tuesday 30th to Wednesday 31st July, and their last stop in Sheffield on Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd of August.

Disclosure: We were invited to review the live show; all opinions are honest and our own