Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Date Night with RC Cola

Perfect date, RC Cola, ASDA exclusive

I think you know by now that we are always open to trying out different brands and recipes. It's the matter of some people liking their mashed potatoes smooth, some with lumps. I love mine with bacon, onion and herbs, others can't do without gravy. But if you don't try a few different recipes, you'll never know what your favourite really is. 

When I was sent details about a Date Night Ultimate Guide from RC Cola, I had no idea who they were, however, hubby immediately recognised the brand (which was first launched back in 1905 as Chero-Cola, and changed the name to Royal Crown Cola in 1934), and as the lovely PR has kindly offered us some RC Cola to try as well, I thought, an ultimate guide to date night (we haven't been "dating" since we had kids) and something new and apparently well known to try, why not? I didn't realise she would throw in a packet of popcorns for us to enjoy as well! All we needed was a good movie and kids in bed. However, it still didn't quite feel like a date. This is where the Date Night Ultimate Guide comes in.

Perfect date, RC Cola, ASDA exclusive

RC Cola's guide was created through a survey with over 2000 Brits taking part in May 2013. Not only does the result tells you what British's favourite date night is, it also tells you the Do's and Don'ts and what men and women prefer on a date night. Something that applies to us would probably be putting 100% effort in to the night (dress up, avoid social media aka turning off our phones and staying awake). As we are the type who wouldn't go out without our kids, our date night would have to be at home, after the kids are in bed. By then we'd just want to sit down and relax and not bother with the details. Next time we should try the above tips!

The guide also includes some tips on money saving and recipes for cocktails and food that would be perfect for a date night. With over 2000 people's opinions taken into account, it's certainly worth checking out what the nation thinks about Date Nights. Simply pop over to RC Cola's Facebook page and you can download the whole guide to have a flip through. I love the way they presented the results, it's much easier to read than a full report!

And the RC Cola itself? We love it! I'm not going to compare as we do drink different brands' cola, and they are all nice. We normally don't have a preference unless the price is obviously cheaper for one, and now we are just happy that there is another branded option on the market for us to choose from. These are available exclusively from ASDA from £1.

Disclosure: I was sent some goodies to enjoy as part of our date night; all opinions are honest and my own