Friday, 5 July 2013

Home Improvement - Living Room

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When we bought our house about 3 years ago, we liked it because it was a good location, and we were motivated enough to redecorate the house. But after stripping a whole kitchen of an inch thick worth of wallpapers, painting 5 rooms and a bit, and stripping the whole rocky garden into a turf and border garden, the whole DIY novelty has kinda worn off. The living room and our master bedroom were left undesirable, but it was time to move in.

Our master bedroom requires much more work, but the living room isn't too big a problem (provided that we leave the wallpaper alone). We just need to board up the fireplace (it's a feature yes, but we can do with that wall for something else!), get some shelves on the wall, a new sofa and some decorations and we are done. Since I had some spare time, I decided to browse through the Internet for some ideas to improve our living room.

Although I'd like a makeover, there are a few things I'd like to keep as well. The over-sized mirror for our living room to start with, as it reflects light into the house and creates a more spacious feel. I wanted to change our clock, which nobody has mastered in reading, but nothing on the market interests me, so I guess we'll just have to keep it for decoration purpose. There is also our ceiling lights we bought from Next that I absolutely love. We got it on sale and although it's sitting quite high up on the ceiling, it's always nice to look at, let alone the gorgeous star it reflects on the ceiling!

Anyway. The browsing has inspired me with some great ideas.

Sofa. Next's Hampton Curve Sofa is exactly what I had in mind. Big, cosy and looking like something you can sit there all day long!

Side table. I have yet to make up my mind on this. The one I chose isn't perfect, but it matches with the sofa (the one at the back) and our living room.

Accessories. Candles and a simple vase with flower for the centre piece! I've loved clothes from Betty Jackson's Black collection for Debenhams, but I've just realised that she does home accessories as well. These candles will team up nicely with the Inza vase from Selfridges. I'd probably go for a purple flower to match the colour theme though.

Wall Art. The Purple Rose wall art from Argos is just Wow! I've already got our children's pictures up the wall but I'll have no problem finding another space for this beauty!

Looking at the collage I've put together, I'd say that I'll be very happy living in that room (nope! No toys in my imagination!). When I get the chance,I'll definitely want my dream living room!

Do you like my new living room? I serve cakes!


Disclosure: This post contains sponsored material, but research, idea and opinions are all honest and my own