Friday, 5 July 2013

Hulk vs Wolverine DVD

Hulk vs Wolverine Animated feature, animation DVD

I must confess. When I picked up the title Hulk vs Wolverine in a press release, I thought that it was gonna be an action movie. Naughty me for glancing at a press release too quickly! It's actually an animation, which I have no problem with. I love animation, let it be kiddy ones, girly ones, or action hero type. I remember I used to flip through my brothers' animation books. I didn't quite understand what it was all about but it was fun looking at the pictures.

So I was still happy to review the disc, although I made sure that the kids were in bed first, as, after all, it has a rating of 12.

Hulk vs Wolverine Animated feature, animation DVD

The story is about The Incredible Hulk losing control again, destroying everything on his path. Wolverine, an elite agent working for a top secret agency, was sent to stop him at all cost. The fight was destructive, but soon they realised that they aren't each other's only enemy, and they had to work together to fight their way out.

When the show has just started, we were really impressed with the animation. It felt like watching a Japanese/ Korean Manga, which normally involves this type of drawing and back drop. The storyline was ok, a bit 'usual' - hero fights villain, both hero and villain got caught, hero and villain have to work together to fight the bigger villain, etc. It was still interesting to watch, although it's very hard to ignore the fact that it is a rating 12 show, meaning young teenagers are legal to watch something this violent. Maybe we are still living in the old times, and teenagers nowadays have access to all sorts of violence anyway through other media, but we still think that it's unsuitable for young teenagers to watch this show.

Anyway. That was our personal opinions. If you are a Marvel fan, Hulk vs Wolverine will be out on DVD on Monday 8th July, 2013, and you can preorder it now through any good entertainment stores.

Disclosure: We were sent a review disc for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own