Thursday, 11 July 2013

I Love VIP Pets - Lady Gigi

I Love VIP Pets, new collectable dolls, fashion dolls

It's getting quite popular to have small pets (normally toy dogs) all dolled up, it's like a fashion trend. You see celebrities walking around with theirs all the time in expensive bags and accessories. But to be this trendy, there is a price to pay, and I have a feeling that it's mostly not the celebrities who are paying for it but their maids or assistants. The price is to look after the pet, because, after all, they really are animals and not just an accessory. Unless children and teenagers have a maid (and parents are certainly not one of them!), having a pet for fashion really isn't recommended. 

However, there is another way to be trendy without all the fuss. IMC Toys has recently launched a new range called I Love VIP Pets. They are exactly like pets for fashion - high class with characters, trendy and fashionable, but without the need for you to feed them, worry about their health, nor do you need to toilet train them.

I Love VIP Pets, new collectable dolls, fashion dolls

The new collectable range includes 6 pets, with another 2 to follow. Each of them have a different character and love different things, but they are all into fashion. We were sent Lady Gigi for Abby (and seemingly Clay as well) to review, who loves dancing and parties. She loves oversized hair buns with colourful pins and huge earrings as accessories!

I Love VIP Pets, new collectable dolls, fashion dolls

Abby loves Lady Gigi's hair style, and was fascinated by how the hair pins works. She thought that they looked like chopsticks, and didn't believe me when I told her that people do use chopsticks to hold their hair up! I think she's got much to learn from Lady Gigi! When Clay saw Abby sitting there grooming Lady Gigi, he quickly climbed up the sofa to sit next to her, eagerly waiting for his turn to brush Lady Gigi's hair!

The I Love VIP Pets range are good quality dolls with lovely hair and accessories to play with, and they have a beauty salon playset as well that works with water! If your child love dolls, they might just love these collectable pets too! I wonder which one will be your child's favourite?

You can buy them now in all good toy stores. They've also launched games and an app, and even have their own dedicated YouTube channel. You can check out their Facebook page for more information.

Disclosure: We were sent a toy to review; all opinions are honest and my own