Friday, 12 July 2013

Infusely Diet Tea

Infusely, diet tea

Ever since Clay has stopped breastfeeding, my hormone has changed and my priority is no longer "feed the baby, ignore your looks!" I found that I care more about my well being: I started my skincare routine again, I wanted to dress up nicely, and have been browsing other fashion blogger's blogs to look for inspirations. Then I decided that the only thing I need to focus on at the moment is to loose my tummy. By losing just that, I can look a lot better already!

The smaller, more focused goal has motivated me, but I'm not really a workout person, and I AM a foodie! I love my food and no way am I cutting out anything from my diet (if I have to, it will have to be done for the rest of my life to keep it working, so no way). So I've tried to cut down on portions and replaced a meal or two during the day with something healthier (special K breakfast is actually very nice, especially during this hot summer), just so that I can still enjoy the food I love. When I was given an opportunity to try out a diet tea from Infusely, I thought, hey, why not? I drink tea, and how hard is it to drink a cup of tea before a meal?

Infusely, diet tea

What interested me most is that Infusely are considerate enough to make tea bags available for customers to buy (£2 for 14 days pack, £4 for 28 days pack) together with their tea. I for one don't have a tea diffuser, nor can I be bothered with it, so this is a great option for people like me.

When they arrived, I was really intrigued. It's a mix of dried berries, flowers and Oolong Tea, so I was fairly positive when I tried it out as we do drink Ooling Tea. I added a teaspoon of the loose tea in a teabag as instructed, and let it seep in a cup of boiling water for about 3 minutes (although recommended was 5 minutes). The tea was mild and smooth, and I did enjoy it at the beginning, but I'm not really keen in the rose hip and goji flavours when they started to come through. I can easily gulp down a cup of English tea or Chinese tea, unfortunately not this one. Having said that, I think people who do enjoy a cup of  floral/ fruity tea but not strong/ bitter tea would like it.

It was also more difficult than I thought to drink a cup of tea before each meal, as I eat irregularly. I normally don't notice that I need to eat until I started to feel hungry, and by then it would be too late for me to drink the tea first and let it work before I eat.

Overall, I still think that it's a good quality tea, there is plenty of flowers and fruits inside, and you can really taste them in the tea. It's much easier to drink than a shake, that's for sure!

Disclosure: I was sent a packet of tea to try; all opinions are honest and my own