Tuesday, 16 July 2013

TOMY Aquadoodle Month

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing

TOMY AquaDoodle is 10 this month! This reminded me of the first AquaDoodle mat I've seen, which was one of my niece's birthday present 10 years ago. Time flies too quickly, now she's a teen and I'm an old aunt (Arghh!). All these years, AquaDoodle has really been making the most of their product. From their original big or small mats, to character mats, mats that makes sound, rainbow colour mats, mats for sharing, mats for travelling, and now mats with stencils too! It's amazing how they've created so many products from one innovative invention to keep children busy without the mess!

As one of TOMY's official blogger, this month we've reviewed Stencil 'n' Doodle (rrp £27.99), AquaDoodle's Travel Bag in green (rrp £12.99) and a couple of extra pens (approx £3.54 for a twin pack) for the kids to share the fun.

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing, Stencil n Doodle

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing, Stencil and Doodle

AquaDoodle's Stencil 'n' Doodle mat (70 x 78cm) came with 5 sea creature stencils that will slot into matching pockets at the bottom of the mat, and 2 AquaDoodle pens that have their own slots next to the stencil pouches too. The mat can also be wall mounted.

We love how colourful the stencils and their pockets are! They are really fun to colour in and they help younger children to draw too. A lot of times I drew something, my kids will get upset as they couldn't get theirs right. Now they can! And of course they can still do the usual scribbles and drawing too.

We like the wall mounting feature as well, it's almost like at school, and it protects my wall! Do make sure that any nails are covered with a protector to avoid any accidents and injuries though. The quality of the mat, pockets and stencils are great so you'll know that the mat will last them for a very long time.

As we have a rainbow AquaDoodle, Abby was wondering why this mat is only in blue. She was a touch disappointed but soon went back to doodling. After all, if they are happy to scribble with single coloured pen and pencils, they'll have no problem with magical blue water!

For the size, durability, unlimited fun and limited mess, it's quite worth buying one for your child. It's easy to tidy away, or you can leave it hanging on the wall away from the floor. The only thing to do is to refill the pen with water. 

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing, travelling toy

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing, travelling toy

TOMY AquaDoodle, no mess drawing, travelling toy

The travel bag was really useful for us, especially now that Abby gets really impatient in the car. She enjoyed doodling in the car, and it's so much better than giving her paper and colouring pens! It even works in the restaurant while waiting for food and in the supermarket (the kids are a nightmare every time we go shopping!).

The only thing I'd suggest is for TOMY to perhaps create even finer tip pens for the smaller mats so that it can keep the kids going on for longer. I did notice that the water dries up much quicker than the ones we have in the past though. Abby was given a red travel bag when she was 2 (unfortunately Clay has scribbled all over it with real markers!) and she used to wet the whole mat with her pen, which wouldn't dry quick enough for her to continue scribbling. The water flow felt more controlled now.

For no mess doodling and unlimited ink, I would definitely recommend AquaDoodle's products.

Disclosure: We were sent the above toys for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own