Friday, 26 July 2013

TOMY Play to Learn - Neil the Seal

TOMY new Play to Learn Toy, Neil the Seal, no batteries toy

It's always exciting to try out new toys, especially something that is very simple, but it makes you wonder how they did it. TOMY's latest Play to Learn toy Neil the Seal is one of them, and it has got both me and my hubby wondering for ages how it worked!

TOMY new Play to Learn Toy, Neil the Seal, no batteries toy

Neil the Seal (retailed at approx. £20), as I said, is a very simply toy. You have Neil with a push along handle and his magic ball (which contains what seems like magnetic beads inside). He is however, attractively colourful, and very clever as well. Not only can he pick up his ball with his flippers, he can also lift the ball up and place it on his nose. He can even make the ball turn on his nose while he moves!

TOMY new Play to Learn Toy, Neil the Seal, no batteries toy

We can understand how he managed to keep the ball on his nose and turn the ball when attached, but not quite sure how he managed to hold the ball, and also move his flippers towards his nose as well. The fact that it's done by some mechanism instead of being programmed by the computer really impressed us.

Neil has kept both my kids busy for ages even though he's just playing with his ball. They fought over Neil, and Abby even tried to give him another ball! Clay really love playing with Neil, although sometimes when he decided to be lazy and just sat on his knees, Neil would have problem holding onto the ball. It is a toy for walking, so do encourage the little ones to walk Neil to make magic happen. The children loves the clicking noise Neil made when he walks, and even the ball makes a rattling sound, all these and the vibrant colours are exactly what's needed for children's development.

Overall I think it's a great toy. You really don't need something complicated to keep young children entertained and learn something. And it requires no batteries! You can buy Neil now from all good toy stores. 

Disclosure: We were sent a toy to review; all opinions are honest and our own