Thursday, 15 August 2013

Children of the Wild Book Review

Although I have less time now, I do still enjoy reading a good book, let it be for adult or children. I'm currently reading a book written by Giles Milton called Children of the Wild, which is a children's book about the time when the first British colony set foot on Virginia (America) - the virgin land of the queen.

The story was well told, giving the readers an idea of how life was on a boat journey and on unfamiliar territory through children's eyes. The colony soon realised that they weren't alone on the supposedly unhabitat island, and although they have gained understandings with the local Indians through the children from both sides, things went downhill quickly as the leader of the British colony had other plans in mind.

I'm still only half way through but I'd read a few pages whenever I get a chance, which is a bit slow going during our holiday trip! I'll certainly update this review as soon as I've finished this book.

So far I think it's worth reading as it gives children a glimpse of how life was as a child in the past and what life could be like of those who set foot in America for the first time.

Disclosure: I was sent a book to review but all opinions are honest and my own

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