Friday, 2 August 2013

Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free Currys by ilumi

instant curry, gluten dairy and nut free curry, organic curry

We love currys. We tried Indian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese currys, and we liked them all. But we don't always have time to cook them, and eating out can be really expensive. Instant meals from supermarket aren't always tasty, and takeaways can carry more oil in a container than the curry itself. But then we are always open to trying new things, so when I was contacted about ilumi's currys, I gladly accepted the offer to try a couple of their currys. We were sent Kerala Chicken Curry and Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry (each £3.50) to try, with 2 pouches of Yellow Basmati Rice (£1 each) and 2 beers to make it a meal for 2.

instant curry, gluten dairy and nut free curry, organic curry
Kerala Chicken Curry and Yellow Basmati Rice. Only part of the curry and rice is used in this image

I've seen instant meals in pouches before, but I think it's my first time eating curry from a microwavable pouch. It takes only about 2-3 minutes to heat a pouch of curry and then a pouch of rice up, so it's definitely instant. The amount of rice, curry sauce and chicken pieces are all very generous, and I can easily share a meal with one of my child. Of course, it would probably be just right for others, or some will probably want some sort of bread to go with it as well.

I was fairly impressed with the currys. the chicken pieces are big, tender but not mushy, and have absorbed the sauces well. And they are really tasty (maybe a touch of salt for personal preference). You can smell and taste a lot of the ingredients such as coconut and lemon grass. It's not overly hot so both meals were really enjoyable to eat. The Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry is stronger than the Kerala Chicken Curry, but I really have no preference. All I can say to my husband is that it's worth buying from them.

instant curry, gluten dairy and nut free curry, organic curry
Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry with Yellow Basmatic Rice. Full packet of curry and rice used for this image

I was a bit skeptical about the rice at first as it felt really grainy when I kneaded the pouch (part of the instruction). I decided to add a touch of water to my first pouch of rice, which made them a bit soggy. The second time I left it alone and the rice was surprisingly moist.

The good thing about the currys is that you don't have to store them in the fridge, and you can actually keep them for about a year. They have been doing different promotions since I was made aware of ilumi. The current offer is £4 off a minimum of £20 order, and you'll also get a free drawstring ilumi travel bag, Tomato and Red Pepper Soup, a delicious Knead Bakery Brownies and ilumi's Summer recipe booklet, plus free P&P. The offer ends on 7th August 2013 noon, so don't miss out!

Disclosure: I was sent a meal set to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own