Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Moth Diaries DVD

The Moth Diaries DVD review, gothic show, Lily Cole Movies

As you may already know, I love ghost and vampire shows. Even if it's a teen show, if it seems like a good show I'd love to watch it. The Moth Diaries was one of those with a very attractive synopsis that made me go for it.

The Moth Diaries happened in an all girls' boarding school, where 2 best friends, Rebecca (Sarah Bolger from The Tudors) and Lucy's (Sarah Gadon) friendship is tested when a mysterious girl Ernessa (Lily Cole from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) moved in. Lucy became emotionally and physically attached to Ernessa, causing Rebecca to become obsessively jealous of Ernessa.

During her Gothic Fiction class, Rebecca has learned about the vampire novel Camilla, and is convinced that Ernessa is a vampire. The deaths and misfortunes around her made her take drastic steps to protect those that remains.

I think that the show has started off really well and has built up a nice atmosphere. Ernessa was mysterious and Rebecca had problem finding out what her secrets were, while Lucy's situation was getting worse by the day. There seem to be a deep connection between Ernessa and Rebecca as well. By then a lot of things could have happened, and we have been speculating along the way. However, the ending was fairly disappointing, which has kind of ruined the whole show. There was so much potential to make it better but they didn't go for it, which is a real shame. The synopsis was a bit misleading as well, causing extra disappointments, but it certainly has done its job and sold the movie to me.

Anyway, the movie is out on DVD on Monday 16th September (for £9.41 on Amazon UK), and it could still appeal to teenage girls (Scott Speedman from Underworld anyone?).

Disclosure: We were sent a review disc to review; all opinions are honest and our own