Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Year of Travelling

2013 has proven to be a really interesting year for us. We don't normally go away for many trips and holidays in a year. It's usually an overseas holiday once per 3-5 years, 1 or 2 short holiday trips within the UK that require 1 night accommodation, and many small day outs.

We have, however, already taken 2 overseas trips since Christmas 2012 (Hong Kong & Taiwan trip in Christmas & New Year, and Holland trip in May), lots of day outs to different parks, fun fair, events, and a circus as well (first time for me, Abby and Clay!); and a major UK trip to the Lakes, Stirling, Edinburgh, Newcastle and York (I must find time to post this up, lots of stunning sceneries I want to share!).

It's only August and the fun hasn't ended yet! We will be heading to Butlins this Friday for a proper bank holiday break, and the weekend after we will be test driving the brand new Toyota RAV4 while heading for the Forest of Bowland for a Geocaching treasure hunt and perhaps visiting the Clitheroe Castle Museum as well! (more about these later of course!)

Looking back, I realised that most of the trips (long or short) were decided fairly last minute. In fact, apart from Hong Kong and Taiwan trip where we've put a lot of effort in deciding what to do and where to go each day, the rest were mostly decided either the night before or in the morning during breakfast time (I have yet to go through Butlins' website to decide what we should do each day to make the most of our break!). 

There are pros and cons for doing last minute holidays. The good thing is that we won't be disappointed by the weather, and we get to do something that we feel like doing on the day (you can book something ahead and not feel like doing it anymore closer to the time!). We do find ourselves spending a lot of precious time discussing what to do though, which we could have spent enjoying ourselves. Planned or not planned, we have enjoyed every single journey we went on so far, and we are looking forward to those that are coming! I wonder what more is in store for us after August?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Ice Lolly but solely written by me