Thursday, 1 August 2013

Yakult's Brighter Breakfast Selector Recipes

Yakult, breakfast recipes, healthy recipes

This year I've been getting so busy that I have found myself stuck all the time, not knowing what to cook. The chef in me seems to have gone into hiding, and only poked her head out once in a while when the blogger has finally caught up with most of her work, and the housewife has decided to come home (she disappears all the time!).  With Abby being at home it's definitely not getting any easier either.

Thankfully there are lots of helpful recipe websites that does most of the thinking for me, although some can be really overwhelming. I just need one that is very easy to glance through, with attractive images and simple words to tell me what the recipe is about, as I really don't have much time lately to just sit here and browse at recipes one by one.

Yakult, breakfast recipes, healthy recipes

Yakult, our favourite good bacteria drink, has launched a Brighter Breakfast Selector that is suppose to help you with healthy and delicious breakfast ideas, which have a recipe library with exactly the layout I was talking about. Simple yet effective, I quickly found a really interesting recipe I wanted to try - Chorizo, Tomato and Egg, although I ended up using it for lunch instead and changing bits of it, I was glad that they have provided me with the idea, it was absolutely scrumptious!

Of course, as a selector, you can search for specific recipes based on Nutrient, Ingredients or Breakfast Type as well. The recipes I've seen so far all sounded delicious, and there is a good balance of sweet and savoury recipes to choose from as well. You can use them for breakfast, or like me, be inspired by them for brunch, lunch or even snacks and desserts.

And if you are like me, not really keen in drinking thick yogurty drink in the morning, give Yakult a try. It's fermented milk (it tasted much better than it sounds, honest!) and is much easier to drink in my opinion. We started drinking it since we were kids, and even now our kids love them too. You can freeze the whole bottle to make it into sorbet in a hot Summer, or even use it in recipes such as jelly and cakes. it's really good for your tummy too!