Monday, 23 September 2013

Learning How to Crochet with Black Sheep Wools

Crochet for beginners, Black Sheep Wools Warrington

Last weekend was a busy one for us! On Saturday I went to learn how to Crochet, while hubby took the kids to an indoor soft play to drain their energy (recommended to do daily!), and on Sunday we went to meet up with many more bloggers and their family to have a fun day out at Chester Zoo as well! We finished off the amazing weekend by visiting Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester for a fab meal!

I met Black Sheep Wools during the Blog On event, where they have been teaching fellow bloggers how to Crochet. Their stand was pretty busy so I didn't visit them until the end, where I immediately told myself that I wanted to learn how to crochet a bear! I was being overly ambitious of course, but I was glad to hear that they were planning a session for us to attend and learn how to crochet at their Craft Barn. Maybe I can crochet a bear after!

How glad was I that I attended the event! Not only did I meet the lovely Heather from Not from Lapland, Helen from Casa Costello and Emma from Mum Mum Heart (many couldn't make it, which is a shame, though we did get a lot more attention each that really helped!), I also became addicted to Crochet and picked up my knitting again!

To be honest I have no idea how others managed to pick up Crochet on their own. During the 4 hours session, I managed to loose 13 loops at the end (each row has 20 loops) and ended up with a mini skirt instead of a rectangle! Without the lovely ladies from Black Sheep Wools' help, I wouldn't have a clue why that happened! The session was so helpful and fun ( we were told that we were very noisy haha!), they have agreed to give us a follow up session in November, and we are already looking forward to it!

When I got home I tried again and removed 4 rows for 5 times before I got it right and didn't loose any more loops! I'm so proud of the final square I made! Now onto the 2 multi-colour granny squares!

Crochet for beginners, Black Sheep Wools Warrington

If you are someone who's into Crochet, Knitting, or even Cross Stiching, then Black Sheep Wool's Craft Barn near Warrington is the place you must visit! Their big front store is full of lovely and colourful yarns, accessories and kits that will certainly help you with your projects! I couldn't resist and ended up buying 2 kits and some soft, fluffy wools for Abby and Clay's scarves! Really glad that they have offered us an additional 10% discount to use on the day, but now I have 6 projects on hand haha! I made a mistake showing everyone what I bought and now I'm expected to finish the bear by November meet up! Now that's a big challenge, especially when I only know the basics!

Black Sheep Wools' Craft Barn also holds different workshops during the week, and on Friday they even have a help session where you can bring any of your knitting or crochet projects in. This is really helpful if you are stuck with something. Sometimes it's just easier to ask someone face to face for help as you will definitely understand a lot more than searching through the internet or books!

I will be looking forward to our next session. My target is to finish the granny squares, have at least half of Abby's scarf done and started on the bear already. Fingers crossed!

Disclosure: I was invited to a workshop to learn a skill and was offered a discount to use on the day; all opinions are honest and my own