Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lakeland Furniture Red Circles Dining/ Side Chair

Lakeland Furniture, Dining Chair, lounge chair
Clay playing with the base protection wrap

There are dining chairs, and there are modern, stylish and super comfortable dining chairs. When we first bought our dining set, chairs' comfort wasn't our priority, and Oh. My. God. How uncomfortable they were! Even with the chair cushions I couldn't sit long on them as my bottom started to get sore! Then we bought our second dining set, and the chairs has a cushion base without wood underneath it. It was much more comfortable to sit on, but again, not for long as the back of the chair started to get uncomfy. (For some reason my body is very picky with things in contact!)

When we were offered a chance to review something from Lakeland Furniture, I saw this very modern, stylish and comfy looking chair - Circles Dining/ Side Chair (was £89.99, now £59.99). It looked so handsome I can imagine it in a big modern lounge! Although I know that our house isn't that big, I still took the chance and went for it, and I 'm still very glad that I did!

Lakeland Furniture, Dining Chair, lounge chair

Lakeland Furniture, Dining Chair, lounge chair

When I opened the box, Clay immediately bee-lined to the chair's upper part and settled right into it! I thought, ok, if we really don't have enough space, I'll at least keep the top part for the kids to cuddle up in. After putting the 4 parts together within minutes, I decided to keep it that way. It looked awesome! Hubby was skeptical at first when I showed him the pictures, but when he came home he suggested to get another one! Apart from the look, it's really comfortable to sit on (leather and well cushioned all over), the height can be adjusted like office chairs, and the kids enjoyed turning it round and round. I usually tell them off for doing so with my office chair as it gets dangerous, but this chair is a lot more safer for them to sit and swirl on. Abby did complain about the smell, which comes with all new furniture, though it's hardly a problem after giving it some nice smelling polish and air freshener!

Usually this kind of designer chairs cost over hundreds of pounds, but Lakeland Furniture managed to not only sell it at under a hundred, it's now on offer for less than 60 quid. You would have thought that they've compromised in quality, but they are so confident with their products that they offer 2 years warranty and 30 days return for their products. The reason why they are so cheap is that they cut out as much middle men fee as possible. They import 90% of their products themselves, keep the stock in warehouse instead of shops, and instead of selling at a sky high price, they rather sell for lower to keep customers happy who in return will keep coming back to them. No wonder they sounded so confident about their business on their About Us page!

With this chair, our house looked much more modernised, and we are a step closer to the look we are after, thanks to Lakeland Furniture! The chair also comes in black, white, cream and green colours, and will look great in the dining room or living room as a side chair.

Disclosure: We were sent a chair to review; all opinions are honest and our own