Monday, 16 September 2013

Blackberry, Apple & Pear Crumble with Homemade Custard

We went to the park on Saturday and was told that there is a long stretch of big, juicy and extremely sweet blackberries growing nearby. Abby enjoyed foraging and had great fun picking these! (We also picked up 2 conkers along the way)

We used Raymond Blanc's Apple and Blackberry Crumble recipe as a guidance and turned part of these really sweet berries into a Blackberry (major component in our recipe), Apple and Pear (only found one apple at home so added a pear to make up the ingredients!) Crumble, and we also used Delia's custard recipe to go with it.

Raymond Blanc's crumble recipe was lovely, though I realised that I'm not keen in the Blackberry pips. Maybe next time I'll Just do an Apple & Pear Crumble, with Blackberry puree, that would make more sense to me. The corn flour in the custard recipe was actually unnecessary as the custard mixture would have thickened up on its own after cooking anyway (just a tad longer). The corn flour made the custard texture a bit powdery.

Still, we really enjoyed the foraging and I'd make the improved crumble and custard again!