Friday, 6 September 2013

Bloggaversary, Christmas and So On

Today I planned to post up our first Butlins review. But because I have been trying to catch up with my backlog from the Summer holiday (I know it's bad but I'm kinda glad that I'm not the only one hehe), and I underestimated the number of images I want to show you (I try to edit every picture to make them as true as possible), I ended up with nothing today but more picture editing! So here is my occasional rambling post.

Apart from the Butlins post and a few other reviews, I'm currently working on my 2013 Christmas Gifts Guide. The Giveaway section is looking fab already, but I'm still finding more interesting and unique gifts for you to look at, to give you more choices for gifts. 

And! I only realised 2 months ago that tomorrow is my 2nd Bloggaversary!  Ahhh it's been 2 years already, time flies! This year has been a very busy year and I'm really glad that whatever I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year has been achieved! Thank you all for your support to make it happen, I'll make sure to bring in more interesting posts in the coming year!

For my dear followers who enjoy my recipes, really sorry for not keeping this section up to date. At the beginning of 2013, I realised that whatever recipe I set out to create for the blog fails miserably. No cakes, macarons or cupcakes were successful. I don't even think that I was having high expectations, they simply won't cook right, let alone look good! I now believe that there is such a thing as Mojo, and I think that I have lost my cooking one. I'm hoping that in the new year, Ms mojo will come back to me, as I would really love to share some beautiful food with you. I even got an Ice-cream maker (very cheap, only £10! Manual stir though hehe) and homemade ice-cream book to add to the recipe collection, hopefully this can be put to good use next Summer!

Another exciting thing happening is that I'm testing out Philips' new Airfryer XL! The idea is to use hot air to burst the minimal fat around to crisp the food! How cool is that?! If you hate the grease but love the crisp like us, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the full review!

Alright, back to working on my backlog and pictures, have a lovely Friday and weekend all!

Ang x