Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chester Zoo with Matalan

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

I think we can't be luckier than we were with the weather on Sunday! Just when we thought that we missed Autumn and Winter has arrived early, the sky has completely cleared and the sun was working really hard for our meeting with my fellow bloggers and their family at Chester Zoo with Matalan!

Before we met up, the lovely people at Matalan has provided us vouchers to shop for some clothes for the children to wear for the day. Initially I thought that the clothes I chose was a bit too Summery for the weather and we might ended up having them hiding under the kids' coats, now I'm glad that we have chosen the right clothes!

For Clay, we bought a shirt and T-shirt set, and a belted jeans, and we bought a red military hat, corsage trim jumper and snake print high top trainers for Abby. They were both looking very smart in their outfits!

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

We arrived Chester Zoo at 11:30am, in time for our first meet up at the Chimpanzees. The following bloggers and their family attended as well:

Pippa from Red Rose Mummy
Lisa from Hollyobbs
Cat from Yellow Days
Helen from Casa Costello
Tina from Mother Geek
Kerry from Oh So Amelia
Joanne from Mummy 2 Five
Simone from Sim's Life

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event
Karen's youngest on the left is younger than Abby but taller than her haha!

I'm just so happy that through the Blog On event and North West Bloggers Facebook group, I kind of knew everyone already, and it was lovely to meet up with familiar faces again, as well as those that I haven't met but spoken online! Meeting up at Chester Zoo was a very different experience than other bloggers' gatherings as this is the first time we met each others' family as well! We should have taken a picture of all the children only (before they got all tired, hot and bothered of course haha), it would have been a very lovely picture! We did manage to take a picture of Abby and her 3 new boy friends though! They were Karen's 2 boys (on the left) and Erica's (on the right)! She has also made friends with Simone and Laura's daughters!

After the meet up, the gang split up and we went for lunch at the Jaguar Picnic Lodge playground, while the kids had fun playing. By then the sun was so hot my back was literally burning! We went for a short walk and the heat became unbearable that I started having a headache! We decided to just chill out and ended at another playground while I went hiding from the sun. We always said that we would visit Chester Zoo when the weather is good (we usually visit in February/ March), but now I have changed my mind!

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

Soon it was time to meet up again at the Penguins during feeding time, and the lovely people at Matalan took a group picture of us as well. I can't wait to see it and get hold of a copy! We all had a lovely chat before we said our good byes and some left early, while we stayed until the Zoo's closing time. The sun was more bearable then and we caught up with some animals spotting! This was when Abby regretted spending all her time at the playground!

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

#MatalanZooDay, Chester Zoo with Matalan Bloggers, North West event

The kids were really fascinated by the lion and the elephants, especially the elephants as they were so fun to watch! The 2 baby elephants were really cute, and one kept slapping hays on top of his/ her head! Then a big one came over and "flicked" the baby away so he/ she could have a dig around the logs for some yummy hidden fruits!

Overall it has been a fun day out. Even though we didn't manage to make the most of it, the kids really enjoyed themselves, while I had a lovely time catching up with the lovely ladies I've been talking to online! I really can't wait to meet everyone again in the next event! Thank you again Matalan for organising the lovely day out and clothes!

Disclosure: We were invited to attend an event and were given vouchers for children clothes; all opinions are honest and our own