Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Honestech's Stopmotion Studio 4.0

Honestech Stopmotion Studio 4.0, stop motion video software, children stop motion project

Lately I noticed more and more CGI made children programs, which is great as there is much more they can do with the animation and show the children more magical things. However, I noticed that Abby and Clay's favourite programs are mostly done with the stop motion method. For example, Timmy Time, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Bob the Builder, Postman Pad and the original Fireman Sam.

I think stop motion animation requires more skills and are much more tedious to create, but the outcome can be really amazing! I remember being all fascinated by a bubble bath scene in Timmy Time. The bubbles were so realistic. I also found myself wondering all the time, how many still frames do they have to shoot just to show a clay figure blinking and giggling?

Honestech, who's based in Southampton UK, has released a Stopmotion Studio 4.0 software, for children to use to create their own stop motion projects! I can imagine how educational it is as children will get to learn how it is done by doing it themselves (I had problem explaining it to Abby as she couldn't imagine how it works). We will be reviewing the software when it's available, but this is what the press release said:

- MSRP £59.99
- Encourage children to use a PC as a movie production tool
- Help develop story-telling and creativity
- Storyboard feature allows easy editing through still frames in sequence
- Background can be changed if filmed with blue or green screen (just like the real movies!)
- + other features
- HD ready means that it can create high definition resolutions videos up to 1920x1080pxls (if HD recorder is used)
- Can be converted to assorted file type for smartphone/ tablet, Facebook and Youtube use

The software sounds really professional, and it should give children the understanding of how real stop motion videos are made. It will be a fun review to do with Abby, can't wait to test it out ourselves!

The Stopmotion Studio 4.0 is available from Amazon UK (£40.86) and other resellers now.