Friday, 20 September 2013

It's not easy to be a Stay at Home Mum

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There is quite a lot of misconception about us Stay at Home Mums. There are people out there who think that we are possibly useless and uneducated, jobless, lazy, and we may even have alcohol or drug issues. Others think that we are living the time of our life, and all we do is go shopping every day, perhaps high tea somewhere with other stay at home mums who has nothing better to do than waiting for the school runs. Little do these people know that a stay at home mum's "job" (that comes with love of course) is possibly the hardest job you can ever do in your life, and spending some time in an office away from home could well be a blessing in a parent's life.

I for one, am definitely not uneducated nor useless. I hold a university second honor upper class degree. I'm not jobless. I'm "working" as a housewife, I look after my children myself 24/7 without the help of third parties (apart from teachers during school hours and my dear hubby), and I blog (which is another misconception to some as it all "seems" so easy to write a post). On average I only drink perhaps 1 unit of alcohol once per 2 months, and I don't smoke nor deal with drugs (I don't even take painkillers unless the pain is killing me).

I don't go out every day to meet friends, in fact I hardly go out unless it's for school run or weekends when we spend quality time together as a family (or when I have the odd bloggers' events). I certainly don't have little elves or maids to help me do housework nor sort my children out.

I think it's very easy to think that, as long as you are home, it's hardly a tough life. Hubby tried that on the odd day, and within a few hours the kids drove him nuts. He couldn't take a relaxing nap without Clay shouting "Wakey!!!" into his ear, or Abby squishing him down into the sofa. She's very affectionate. He can't cook lunch without being questioned what lunch we were having for over ten times (they are very bossy), or having to stop to tell them off for bullying each other. He can't watch his own telly because "it's our holiday (weekend) so we get to watch what we want!", nor can he enjoy his favourite snack because the kids will want it as well. His cider attracts Clay (gotta keep an eye out on this one), and we get a heart attack if it's on the verge of being spilled all over our carpet. Hubby has learned to appreciate his life being split between 2 places.

Although it's a 24/7 drive you crazy and makes you age faster "job", I would have chosen this path again if I'm being given a second chance. I love my children. I want to spend more time with them before they grow up and go to school full time. I don't want to miss their milestones, I want to be there to take pictures and videos of their cutest, funniest and most memorable moments. I want to glue myself to them for as long as they will still have me, and even if there is no annual leave, sick leave or work injury claims (have you ever stood on an innocent toy, or being jumped on the back while you are kneeling down before?!), no pay (I wouldn't mind being paid the minimum wage per hour), insurance nor tax credit, it's still a "job" worth doing.

What about you? If you were given a chance, would you want my "job"? Do you think you handle this "job"?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Leoclaims, but every word, every thought are my own.