Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Jelly Jamm Radio Goomo DVD

Jelly Jamm cartoon, Cartoonito, Radio Goomo DVD

I normally play CBeebies at home, as it has more carefully selected educational programs for the kids. Abby grew up watching CBeebies, but as she grew older, she wanted to watch more new programs, and we started exploring other channels suitable for her to watch. Since she has turned 4, we started showing her programs on Cartoonito, although very limited (I prefer programs like Alphablocks and Numberjacks where they actually get to learn something academically).

During the Summer holidays, I let Abby loose and they have enjoyed watching Cartoonito more than usual. They couldn't get enough of Banana in Pajamas, Chloe's Closet and Fireman Sam! Then suddenly we spotted a new advert for Jelly Jamms, and she even manage to catch an episode of it. I wasn't paying too much attention though I heard her giggling away.

Coincidentally, I was asked to review some of Jelly Jamms products to celebrate their launch in the UK (originally a Spanish 3D animation). Knowing that Abby would love it very much, I of course said yes! Soon enough, we were sent their Radio Goomo DVD to review.

Jelly Jamm cartoon, Cartoonito, Radio Goomo DVD

Jelly Jamm cartoon, Cartoonito, Radio Goomo DVD

The story follows the adventure of a group of friends - Bello, Mina, Goomo, Rita and Ongo from planet Jammbo, where music is born, while they learn to live in harmony. The episodes included in the DVD are:

Radio Goomo
Musical Aurora
Rita Adopts a Dodo
Flying Lies
I Want That Too
Mama Mina

Jelly Jamm cartoon, Cartoonito, Radio Goomo DVD

We love the cute 3D animation and pastel colour. The soundtrack is great as well although like all the other Jelly Jamms, we're not so keen in Goomo's heavy metal rock music! He was very cheeky when he kept turning it on and off to watch his friends reaction, I think I laughed a bit too loudly at that!

All the Jelly Jamms are hilarious in their own way. My favourite character is Rita (the little pink girl), and favourite episode from the DVD is Rita Adopts a Dodo, where Rita was so caught up with looking after the poorly Dodo (not the extinct Dodo bird), she over fed him until he became a massive ball! We (including hubby) couldn't stop laughing at how Rita helped the Dodo loose weight! The rest of the episodes are very funny as well and can really make you laugh out loud, while at the same time teaching young audience the right from the wrong to keep harmony between friends. Abby loved it so much she wanted me to show her all the other episodes as well!

Jelly Jamm (aiming for 4-7 years olds) has recently made their launch in the UK official, if your child enjoys watching Jelly Jam like Abby does, do keep up to date with their new UK Facebook page and the soon to launch English YouTube channel! Meanwhile, your child can also watch the show on Channel 5 MilkShake at 9:40am on Saturday and Sunday, and Cartoonito at 11:30am and 3:15pm between Monday to Friday. Or catch up with the episodes on their official YouTube channel (I'm assuming the English episodes will all be copied or moved to the English channel). They currently have 30 episodes listed, total will be 43.

The Jelly Jamm Radio Goomo DVD is being sold at Amazon UK for £5.99 with free delivery, and contains approx 66 minutes of material.

Disclosure: We were sent a DVD to review; all opinions are honest and our own