Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Red Hot World Buffet #RedHotTasteMaker

Red Hot World Buffet, #RedHotTasteMaker, International Buffet in the UK

We have been to Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester for a couple of times, and we have enjoyed our experiences so far. Recently we were selected as one of their Manchester Branch #RedHotTasteMaker, so we will be visiting more frequently this year, to see what new food and drinks they have to offer each season! Last Sunday was our first visit as their #RedHotTasteMaker, and as before, we had a really enjoyable dinner!

While hubby went to park the car, I ordered one of their Signature Mocktail. I was meant to order their Signature Cocktail to try, but I didn't feel like having alcohol at that time. My fellow bloggers have been raving about it though, so I was really glad that they have the non-alcoholic version available as well! A few sips later and we ended up ordering another 2! It was delicious! It's a slushy drink (my favourite used to be frozen martinis!), and they've blended fresh plums into it as well. It's really fragrant and fruity. I think Clay would have been happy to have a whole glass to himself, while Abby was too busy making her own lemonade with the water we ordered that came with lemon wedges.

Red Hot World Buffet, #RedHotTasteMaker, International Buffet in the UK

Red Hot World Buffet, #RedHotTasteMaker, International Buffet in the UK

I will never leave Red Hot World Buffet without stuffing myself with Salmon Nigiri! It's a shame that the rice was a bit too wet, otherwise they are the perfect bite size sushi. Soya sauce is really important to me and they have used the right ones for the sushi, so thumbs up there! It's also Abby's favourite and she went back for a big plate full of them! Glad she enjoyed herself! She absolutely loves buffet places as she can take whatever she likes.

Apart from the usual, we also tried their mini Beef Mince Tacos, which were really yummy! I was expecting the Taco shells to be soggy as the mince meat sauce has already been scooped into the shells, but no, they were still fresh and crispy! The Spicy wings were a big hit between me and hubby as well, and I was surprised that they managed to source bigger chicken wings. We always thought that chicken wings in the UK are kind of tiny compared to SE Asia ones (they are almost as big as duck wings!).

Their Roast Chicken in Musroom Sauce were really nice as well. Tender chicken in delicious sauce. Shame I was too stuffed with starters or I would have eaten them with plain boiled rice! As for the Mozarella Cheese, Tomato and Pesto, which is from the salad section that I usually wouldn't go for (meat eater and all that), was quite good and easy to eat (it wasn't overpowering like how I expected it would be).

Red Hot World Buffet, #RedHotTasteMaker, International Buffet in the UK

Red Hot World Buffet, #RedHotTasteMaker, International Buffet in the UK

I was told that they have changed their dessert menu, but on first impression I thought that there was less desserts on offer, which I think could be because it was a late Sunday night and the restaurant was a bit quieter than usual. 

The usual mousses weren't there that night, but there were about 5 different flavoured jellies on offer, which was good for Abby as she loves jellies. There were 4 different plates of fruits, which is lovely to see as after all, these are the healthier options. What impressed me most was their oranges! Yup! Because we only ever get these kind of juicy and extremely sweet oranges when we visit a Chinese restaurant, and now you can enjoy it as well at Red Hot World Buffet! Abby had a couple, and used another 2 to sweeten her handmade lemonade, while Clay ate about 3 slices! There was also honeydew melon, watermelon and cantaloupe melon.

I've also tried the orange and chocolate mousse cake and the tiramisu, both gorgeously creamy and chocolatey. I always go for the pancakes, and this time I smothered it with their warm custard, which was yummy! I think it would be even better if they have syrup on offer as well.

We all had a lovely evening and really enjoyed our food. We enjoyed our usuals as well as the new choices we haven't tried before. There is plenty to choose from, and I have spotted some gluten free dishes (and plenty of vegetarian ones too of course) as well, so am sure there is something for everyone. I would love to see them introducing some Malaysian and/ or Thai food as well as they seem fitting to the cuisine they are serving (deep fried starters and curries). Hope that they can consider!

Disclosure: We were invited to review a restaurant as their ambassadors; all opinions are honest and our own