Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The New Cheekyshoes

Cheekyshoes, pump shoes, custom made shoes

Almost a year ago I've reviewed a pair of the first generation Cheekyshoes. They were made of wet-suit type of material and comes in a selection of vibrant colours. A year later, Cheekyshoes has evolved through passion and patience from the owners, who know how to appreciate customer feedbacks, and understand that there is always room for improvements. They even made sure that they produce their shoes in smaller batches so that they can improve the next by paying attention to what their customers say. Through the above, they have recently launched the new range of  Cheekyshoes.

They have kindly offered me one of their new Cheekyshoes to review. The new design comes in 4 new colours (at the moment they have taken down the previous colours, but I was told that the original vibrant colours will make a come back very soon, and possibly in leather too!) and I've chosen the burgundy ones to review.

Cheekyshoes, pump shoes, custom made shoes

Cheekyshoes, pump shoes, custom made shoes

Cheekyshoes used to arrive your house in a designed plastic mailing bag, and the parcel can be put through the post box easily. The new shoes comes in a designed flat box, which is more environmental friendly, though the postman was deceived and thought that it couldn't fit the post box. Cheekyshoes has noted my feedback.

The new Cheekyshoes are much firmer, ie more supportive than the previous ones. Although the straps are gone, the heel is elasticated and ends a bit higher so that they won't fall off my feet when I tip toed (which happened to my first generation Cheekyshoes). To prevent our toes sticking out from the fabric like in the previous design, the top front of the shoes has been redesigned and is now harder. Although it looked much better, I noticed that the hardened top was digging into my feet a bit, which could be because it was a bit tight. I sent my feedback to Cheekyshoes and was assured that this has been improved in the new batches (mine was from one of the first batches) already.

The burgundy colour is great for this Autumn/ Winter, but the shoes also come in black, bright red and duck egg colour. The burgundy colour is slightly different from the ones on the website, and I was advised that the lighting used during the photoshoot and the computer screens might have made the colour appear differently. Under a bright light my shoes appeared a bit more purplish than normal as well (see the first picture).  Either way I love the colour and it's very easy to match the Autumn/ Winter 2013 trend. The new shoes are a bit more higher priced than the previous design, and are sold at £35 a pair, but the quality is also much better than the previous ones.

Overall, I do like the new Cheekyshoes. It's a lovely design and more supportive as well. It's also much more comfortable than the other pump shoes I've tried and owned, and I'm glad that they will stay on my feet when I tip toes. I love the new colours, though I also miss the more vibrant colours as well, and I'll be looking forward to seeing the new designs! I also want to use this chance to give the owners of Cheekyshoes a thumbs up for their dedication to make better shoes by listening to customer's feedbacks. Chinese have a saying: "Constructive Criticism is always hard to listen to", yet they have done well with the listening and even taken points on board, and that's absolutely worth a shout out!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of shoes to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own