Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gigglebiz Series 3 launching soon!

CBeebies, Gigglebiz, Justin Fletcher new show
Image from CBeebies website

I have heard of Justin since my niece started watching CBeebies programs, and even us adults thought that he's amazing! I'm glad that he's got more shows now, bringing more laughter and fun with his comedy talent in Justin's House and Gigglebiz, which my kids love! Although Gigglebiz is all about jokes and giggles, it teaches what fun it can be by doing roleplays as well. He is so inspiring and can really bring out the characteristics of anyone, and we are excited to hear that apart from our favourite characters, there will be new ones as well in the brand new series!

Returning characters include:

Nana Knickerbocker (my favourite!)
Rapids Johnson
Arthur Sleep
Captain Adorable (who'll be having new adventures in space on his very own spacecraft!)

CBeebies, Gigglebiz, Justin Fletcher new show

New characters are:

Prehistoric Cave Dwellers - Ug and Ig
Gardener - Will Barrow (right in the picture)
Minstrel - Will Singalot
Wildlife Park Guide - Sue Keeper
Storyteller - Storybook Stan
Ballroom Dancer - Enrico Paso Doble (left in the picture)
Tap Dancer - Dan Step

For more information about the new Gigglebiz see the press release on BBC here. It will be showing later this month so keep your eyes peeled while we will be too!