Saturday, 12 October 2013

Countdown to Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8 Launch Day - 6

Moshi Monsters Series 8, Moshling collectibles, Win Moshi Monsters

This is it! This is the day when I can show you Abby's favourite Moshling from the new Moshi Monsters series 8 - Zonkers the Bonkers Whizzling! It was a surprise for me as she doesn't skate and out of the 16 moshlings, Zonkers (in my opinion) wasn't really the cutest either (ok she's cute but there are the others too!)! Abby said that she's very funny and loves it that she can zoom away!

Moshi Monsters Series 8, Moshling collectibles, Win Moshi Monsters

Day 6

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This little Bonkers Whizzling moshling is hyper and likes to whizz away to sniff out the craziest fun! It is not recommended to wear a Bonkers Whizzling on your foot as they are highly dangerous in that matter! Hmm I wouldn't like to fall flat on the floor and get dragged around! Come to think of it, I think

yesterday's moshling + coffee = Bonkers Whizzling! Ooooo!!

Tomorrow I'll be showing you the Moshling that I thought was Abby's favourite! She did make it to the top 5 (actually 6, Abby chose 6 of her favourite Moshlings out of the 16) though! One week to go everyone! 5 more Moshlings to introduce and we'll be launching the giveaway the day after, on Friday 18th October 2013, which is the launch day for the series 8 as well!

Disclosure: We were sent a set of figures to review for the countdown; all opinions are honest and our own