Friday, 4 October 2013

Countdown to Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8 Launch Day - 14

Today is the 3rd day of us counting down to the launch day of Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8, which is on Friday 18th October 2013! Are you excited?! what are we waiting for then! Today's moshling from the new series 8 is Jackson the Dapper Clapper!! 

Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8, new moshlings, win Moshi Monsters

Day 14

(Click on the links for the revealings of Day 16th and Day 15th Moshlings)

I bet Jackson is Marty's best buddy! Annnndd... so he is! Dapper Clappers are movie-loving Moshlings who spend most of their time waiting to hear the word "Action!" and "Cut!", as those are the words that will activate their clickity-clackity heads! See! I told you they must be best buddies, Mouthy Moguls' favourite word is "CUT!". I bet the Dapper Clappers clicks their head louder at "cut" than "action" as Mouthy Moguls are so loud, they will have to match that!

Dapper Clappers can sometimes be found hanging around the Moshi TV Studios, but Buster Bumblechops believes that they come from Clackity Cove. They like black and white movies as well as subtitles (like me! I love subtitles!), but dislike Z-list celebs (awww give them a chance!) and trapped fingers (I wouldn't like that either!).

Another top 5 from Abby's list, though I'm not certain why even though he's very cute (there are the awfully cute ones that didn't make it!). He is really cute though and it's very tempting to clap his "head" together!

Remember, we'll be launching the giveaway for a full set of Series 8 to one lucky reader on the day of the launch, so make sure you are following my blog and see what is in store in the new series!

Disclosure: We were sent a set of figures to review for the countdown; all opinions are honest and our own