Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Countdown to Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8 Launch Day - 16

As a parent of a Moshi Monsters fan, I'm excited to announce that we are one of the 8 bloggers who will be counting down to the launch day of Moshi Monsters Collectible Figures Series 8, which will be on 

Friday 18th October 2013!

Every day we will be showing off one of the Moshling figures from Series 8, and on the D-day, we'll be doing a giveaway for a full set of Series 8 for one lucky reader to win too! So keep your eyes peeled, follow my blog (easiest way is to subscribe by email, which you can find on the right hand side bar, so you won't miss any posts!) and see what you can expect from the new series!

Day 16

We are starting off the countdown with one of the ultra rare figures from the series - Marty the Mouthy Mogul

Mouthy Moguls are impatient and melodramatic (sounds like my kids!) but they are also a visionary. They are noisy and thinks that life is one gigantic movie set. You'll often find them throwing tantrums on the street and shout "CUT!". They also like to scream at Flat-Tailed Fuzzles, but hate All-Seeing Moment Munchers and ham!

Ok, not quite my kids because mine at least like ham! Although Abby (and Clay) shares similar characters to Marty, he unfortunately isn't one of her favourite from the series! There is another 15 cute Moshlings in the series and my opinionated daughter has her preferences! Do you have a Mouthy Mogul at home? Will this be one of the favourite of your Moshi Monsters fan? Make sure you'll be back tomorrow and see which Moshling we will be revealing!

Disclosure: We were sent a set of figures to review for the countdown; all opinions are honest and our own