Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween with ASDA 2013

ASDA Halloween, budget Halloween party, one pound Halloween

A couple more days and it's Halloween! Usually I'm not too fussed as it's more for the kids, I just have to sort out their costumes, sweets and deco and I'll be done. But this year I'm really looking forward to it as well as it's Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Leaf too and I get to be running around playing Trick or Treat! (I'm totally addicted to the game!) But of course, I won't forget to get the kids ready for their fun. I already got Abby's costume sorted, and poor Clay will have to look after the bowl of sweets at home this year (while learning how to share with the Trick or Treaters!). I've also bought 2 for £3 pumpkins and 2 big bags of sweets from ASDA, although I might just need to top up with more as someone has kindly reminded me of last year's experience when a few older kids grabbed a handful and ran off (tut tut!). While considering buying more sweets than really necesssary, ASDA has kindly offered us a voucher to buy what we like from their store's Halloween selection.

It took us a while to decide what to buy as there were so many! You can literally throw a last minute Halloween party with them as they have everything from plates and cups, banners, creepy decos and party bag fillers, and of course costumes and makeups.

We picked up some creepy party deco to add to our ASDA Halloween deco collection, including the big spider web with a purple spider on (there is an orange spider one too), purple bat glasses (which is hardly creepy but the kids look super cute in them!), reflection safety tag (how clever?), Shimmering Skeleton, light flashing stick (very light weight!), 2 glow stick wands, a glow stick bracelet, cookie cutter set, chocolate coated apple and toffee apple, 3 mini Smarties pumpkins (1 for me of course!), Cadbury's mini chocolate fingers and Cadbury's mini chocolate rolls. Most of these are £1 each, some 50p each. As we were in a rush, and I had spent quite a long time deciding what we should buy from ASDA's Halloween selection, I have completely forgotten that I needed to pick up another bag of sweets! Good that ASDA is doing lots of offers so we'll be back for more!

ASDA Halloween, budget Halloween party, glowing sticks

The most exciting thing from our shopping, I think, were the new Glow Stick range! I can't wait to let the kids play with these glow wands and bracelet! Obviously we will be keeping the attachments which can be reused!

We are almost ready for this year's Halloween, what about you?

Disclosure: I was given a voucher to shop from the Halloween range; all opinions are honest and our own