Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jesus Christ Superstar UK Arena Tour 2013

Jesus Christ Superstar 2013
Image from Jesus Christ Superstar official website

To be honest I'm not really a religious person, but I do like to know the stories behind some of the religions as they do fascinate me. One of them is Christianity, where the birth and death of Jesus Christ is one of the most well known religious story in the World (can I say that? Surely I can?). With Christmas closing in (2 months and 2 weeks to go!) we will be seeing and hearing lots of Jesus' birth very soon, and perhaps I'll be watching Abby in a play too (still makes me chuckle when I thought of her bowing and bowing and curtseying after their last year's performance, even when the rest of the kids started leaving the stage)! However, you don't really get to watch a story about Jesus's death that often.

I heard that Andrew Lloyd Weber's Jesus Christ Superstar is really good, which is a rock musical telling the story of the last 7 days of Jesus' life. I think it's really interesting to see Mel C performing as Mary Magdalene and Chris Moyles (this was a big surprise!) as King Harod. I've seen clips of their performance on one of the ITV's Andrew Lloyd Webber's show (a concert of some sort?) and they both sang really really well, making me want to watch the whole show!

I heard that they have brought the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour back this year, so I did a quick search for tickets, but then realised that the tour is reaching to its end (makes sense though, starting the tour near Easter time and ending it early enough before Jesus' birth celebration)! The last few shows are all happening this month, with the last being on the 15th! What a shame! Even though there are tickets left we wouldn't be able to schedule for the tour in such a short time. I really hope that they will do it again next year, I know hubby would love it, and Abby as well (though not sure whether young kids can go?) as she's been all about Jesus Christ after listening to the stories at school last year.

If you are interested as well, I'd recommend you booking the tickets now. The dates left are:

Tonight in Nottingham
11th October in Manchester
13th October in London
15th October in Liverpool

You can see the availabilities here.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by The O2 but all opinions are honest and my own