Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wanted: American Style Fridge Freezer

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When we moved house, we bought a Samsung fridge freezer, and we really love it! It has more space than our previous one, and it is functioning really well. It looked stylish, in the dark granite colour, and was very affordable. However, 3 years down the line, we seem to be running out of space, again! We need space for drinks, especially Summer time when our water jug has to go in the fridge as well, space for the ever growing sauce collection, space for frozen food from both Chinese shop and supermarket, etc etc. As we only shop once a week, and we do like to keep some food for emergency, I don't think there will ever be enough space for us!

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I think if we do upgrade, it will have to be one of those American Style fridge freezer. Have you seen them before? Don't they look awesome?! Hubby can stop piling up our freezer space with ice cubes, as they have an in-door ice maker, and I love seeing the fridge freezer open up like the above picture! We'll have 2 shelves of breakfast stuff, a whole shelf of sauces, plenty of space for a birthday cake, loads of space for the drinks, and finally enough space to buy my favourite food to store in the freezer, instead of just the essential stuff like prawns, fish, etc.

Having had a browse around, I found this Samsung American style fridge freezer that seems to be more affordable, and look at the space!! It reminds me of the show Over the Hedge, when the animals opened the fridge freezer and their mouth fell wide open! I was a bit confused at first, wondering why the fruits and vegetables were stored in the freezer compartment, then I realised that the whole left section of the unit is the freezer. Even with the in-door ice maker, it's massive!

And this isn't even the biggest fridge freezer Samsung make, but I do think that the other ones are too big for a family of four. If this fridge freezer isn't big enough for us then obviously it's time to clear stock hehe. I think the only downside is that I'll need a stool to grab anything from the top.

This model is just under £1k, if I start saving up now I might just be able to get it within the next 2 years! And by then hopefully the price will have dropped a bit more. My dream fridge freezer will become the centre of the kitchen!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own