Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dinosaur Train Interaction Range

Dinosaur Train interaction Toys, TOMY toys, dinosaur toys

Ever since I became TOMY's official blogger, we have discovered that, apart from their popular baby and toddler toys, they have a fantastic selection of toys for preschoolers and older kids as well. We were really impressed with their Chuggington range, let it be the Wooden Railway or Die-Cast, K'Nex, and Raa Raa the Noisy Lion's interactive toys. Our kids are still enjoying these toys on a daily basis, and Clay especially loves his Raa Raa interactive toys, as it's really fascinating when the figures say something on different interactive nodes.

TOMY seem to have pushed the interactive function further with their Dinosaur Train Interaction range, and after almost 2 weeks of playing with them, we still haven't heard all phrases from the dinos yet! We were sent the following for our review:

Roar 'n' React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex  rrp £29.99

Toy Shop UK 2013 Independent Toy Awards Gold
Dream Toys 2013 - Let's Get Busy

Interaction Ned  rrp £19.99
Interaction Tiny  rrp £14.99
Interaction Buddy  rrp £14.99

Dinosaur Train interaction Toys, TOMY toys, dinosaur toys

Dinosaur Train interaction Toys, TOMY toys, dinosaur toys

The dinosaurs are a good size (especially Boris the T-Rex!) and well made. Each of them has a sensor, switch to switch them to on/ off/ demo mode, as well as a button to wake them up when they are in On/ Demo modes. They have poseable arms and legs, and tail, head, wings and neck for some characters.

Boris has 70 sounds and phrases, where Ned has 50, and Buddy and Tiny has 40 each, though really, we haven't heard every single one of them yet! Individually, they interact with children when being played with. The known interactions are:

yawns when they are switched to On mode
Introduce self when button is pressed
Provide further information about what kind of dinosaur/ reptile they are
Eating sound
Stomps when being physically stomped on a surface

giggles when neck is moved

"Laaaaaaa" when hand is placed inside mouth
snores when lied on the side without being interacted with for a while

flapping sound when wings are moved

Apart from individual interaction, they also interact with each other! When all of them are pressed (doesn't have to be at the same time), after introducing themselves, they will say hi to each other. They will also roar together if one roars, laugh at each other's jokes, and one of them might say "Everyone ready?" and then all of them will say "We're gonna rideeeeeee .. the Dinosaur Train!"

There is a lot you can do with these dinosaurs, and the more you collect, the more phrases will open up to you. Whoever have these at home, including us, would recommend anyone to get at least 2 from the collection to maximise the fun! Our kids love these and Clay even started roaring with them too! Abby love playing with Tiny and Buddy, and we had a good giggle when we discover Buddy snoring when the kids took a break from him!

Another good thing is that they only take 2 AAA batteries each to operate, which is already included! I'm not very good at videos but you can look here on YouTube to see how they interact with each other. You can buy them and the other dinosaurs in the range from TOMY's website as well as in all good toy stores.

Disclosure: We were sent the above toys for review purposes; all opinions are honest and our own