Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Shoplet Blogger Welcome Pack

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I love stationery. I love anything that's great to use (smooth ball point pen or smooth paper in notebooks, for example), helps me organise my things and them being pretty is a bonus! Shoplet, an office stationery supplier in the UK has sent me a Bloggers Welcome Pack that comes with a selection of samples of products they sell.

My welcome pack includes the following:

Pritt Glue Stick 43g
Remarkable Pencils
Glo Elasticated Folder
Zebra Z Grip Flight Ball Point Pen
Nescafe Gold Coffee Dachet
Cambridge Business A5 Notebook
Avery Labels Sample Pack
Blake Touch Velvet Wallet Envelope
Laurel Plastiklips

Out of all the samples, my favourite is the Remarkable HB Pencils, which are made from recycled plastic. They look very pretty and colourful, writes really well, you get 3 of them in a pack and they are Green! How cool is this? If plastic can be made into this, I don't understand why we aren't recycling them (our Council don't accept them..).

Like the Cambridge Business A5 Notebook as well, papers are smooth and easy to write on, and I like to write lists on them, especially shopping lists, as they can be torn off the book immediately! Abby is mostly pleased with her new Pritt Glue Stick as I don't know where we kept ours and she didn't like using PVA glue. Now she can do the no mess sticking herself!

Overall quite happy with the Welcome Pack! Looking forward to checking out more of their office supplies!

Disclosure: We were sent a welcome pack to review; all opinions are honest and our own