Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Skincare for Men

While I was sourcing products for the Christmas Gifts Guide, I had some problem sourcing gifts for men. I was looking for gifts that are nice, useful, and not just a joke. After all, if we ladies and children get to enjoy something, surely the gents are entitled to as well apart from a laugh. There are plenty of these out there of course, though they mostly fall under fashion or gadget categories, and I want to look for something a bit different.

While I was having a great time doing one of our many Christmas shopping, I noticed quite a lot of skincare (and I don't mean fragrance, bodycare or haircare) products for men. I still remember the time when brands only just started launching their Homme range (it really wasn't that long ago) and noticing different reactions from the public. After all, there were (and still are) lots of men out there who thought that men don't need to look after themselves like women do, even if their skin is itching from dryness. In my opinion, men should still look after their skin, for the same reason why women should (dryness, aging, dull, blockage, etc).

I definitely think that skincare will make a nice gift for men as much as for women, and it's much easier to choose the right products as well. Let it be a Christmas gift set, or a bottle or 2 skincare products wrapped up in a nice wrapping paper, I'm sure it'll entice them to give it a go (if they haven't already!) and feel what a difference washing their face with more than just water makes! I've listed a few brands here that I think is worth considering:

Biotherm Homme (Debenhams)

Dove Men +Care (Amazon UK)

L'Oreal Men Expert (Superdrug)

Nivea Men (Boots)

I would personally recommend Nivea or L'Oreal to start with, but for a more luxurious gift (that's still very much affordable) Biotherm and Vichy would be great too!

Is your other half using skincare? If so, which brand are they using?

Disclosure: This is a PR collaboration, however all thoughts, honest opinions and research are my own