Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas 2013 at Spinningfields Manchester

Spinningfields Manchester, Christmas Ice Rink, Meet Santa

Every year's Christmas, apart from visiting the Christmas market and gathering with family (abroad or within the UK), we don't really do much. Now that Abby is older and keen to do things, we decided to put more effort into our Christmas this year. We have already visited the Christmas market in Manchester, which Abby has really enjoyed. We then posted a letter off to Santa, instead of sticking it on our window. I have also slipped another letter to him inside, requesting one of his little helper's help to keep an eye on my kids. Santa is fab and on the night we've decorated our house and tree, one of his elf (#ElfontheShelf) has arrived (with style. He tripped a fuse and we didn't have light for the next 24 hours)! Let's hope that my 2 cheeky monkeys will now behave better (a short period of time is better than none)!

On Saturday we will be having breakfast with the jolly old him (more about this next week), and on Sunday we will be visiting Manchester to meet up with him again for a skate at the Manchester Spinningfields' Ice Rink! We didn't know that Spinningfields has an Ice Rink each year (we have missed out on so much!), and Santa will join everyone during his sessions for a skate too! According to the website, he will also sit down for a chat at the viewing platform, how exciting!

If you are interested to meet Santa at Spinningfields' Ice Rink as well, the next sessions will run on this Sunday 8th December 2013 between 11am to 3pm, and then the same time as well for Sunday 15th and 22nd December. Each session lasts for an hour and cost approx. £9, depending on the time (on or off peak) and how many of you will be attending. The Ice Rink is also open 7 days a week until 5th January 2014.

This year, Spinningfields has created a Snow Season as well for the first time, adding many more other activities to celebrate Christmas! You can post a letter to Santa through them (can we send another one?) at the "Letter to the North Pole" post box, which raises funds for the charity Brainwave, play on the helter skelter, eat inside the Rekorderlig Curious TeePee at The Oast House and have a late night shopping at The Avenue. This weekend is gonna be magical for us! I'll keep you posted with how we get on. Perhaps I will meet you there this Sunday?