Thursday, 12 December 2013

Just Dance

Since young, Abby has shown interest in dancing. You'd find her posing like a ballerina, or sometimes like a little genie when least expected. I told myself then to learn how to drive so that I can take her to dance classes, not wanting to waste her talent (don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those "use child for fame and money kind of parent"!) and interest.

Now Abby is in a mini cheerleading squad and has attended 2 showcases and 2 competitions. This has certainly boosted her confidence! It's however quite scary to watch her do the stunts, especially knowing that some people in the world has died from injuries. But I guess any dance or sports will have the same risk.

Looking back at her doing the cheerleading routine, her best performance is definitely the dance part. She's so confident and her moves are much sharper than she first started! I really want to send her to a dance school where she can discover different types of dance so she can find her favourite. Now I have my driving license, I just need a car *sound of ka-tching popping in head*. Why can't we live closer to the dance schools?!

A while back I took her to a weekly ballet class at the nearby sports centre, which takes us about 20-25 minutes walk after school. It's quite a waste of time to do the journey, and she gets grumpy on the way there and back. It's especially bad if the weather is like, well, now! But she did enjoy the basic ballet (more reason to pop her into a school!) and I had fun shopping for her ballet costume!

There are quite a few online companies that does dance costumes, such as DanceMania, Esme Dance Wear, etc, and there are lots of choices for different dance too. I love the girls leotards, and bought Abby the one that has a tutu attached to it. She looked so adorable! Mind you, these dance costumes are really not cheap, and you don't just get the dress, you'll have to get the shoes, the warm up cardy and tights etc as well! So let's hope that she'll find something she like soon so I can focus my money on just one type of dance (glad that her cheerleading squad are very supportive and doesn't force us to buy the costumes!)! I never regretted buying her the really cute tutu leotard though, she can always wear it out for parties I guess!

At the moment she still loves her cheerleading and her squad, so I've signed her up for the pom dance as well, which she's really excited about as she loves pom poms! As long as she has fun, that's our mentality!

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