Friday, 6 December 2013

Keeping New Born Close to You

Since I had Abby, without knowing it, we co-slept. It started off as a way for getting us both in a comfortable and easier position for breastfeeding at the hospital. When we got home, although we kept a cot in our room, which I heard will lower the chance for cot death, she wouldn't sleep on her own for longer than 15 minutes. I was literally in tears every single day and we were both in need for a really good sleep.

Eventually I gave in and took her to bed with me, and fed her while lying down. For the first night in 3 months, we both fell asleep and slept through the night with minimum fuss. We finally got the quality sleep we needed. Neither of us had to wake up fully in the middle of the night anymore just for a feed. She simply searched, drank, and rolled back to sleep, while I just had to swap places with her each time she fusses, and making sure she latched on before I too went back to sleep.

Don't ask me why Abby slept with her legs crossed like that...

Two years later, after we weaned her off breast milk, we kept her sleeping in our room on her cot mattress next to ours (yes we are still sleeping on the floor after so many years!). Then Clay came along, and although I tried to keep him in his basket, and he did sleep for longer than Abby there (about half an hour to 45 minutes between the need of feeds and hugs), I gave in again and he also co-slept with us. It was a bit trickier this time as Abby was less aware of him initially. Soon she got used to him sleeping next to her (on different mattresses), and they even held hands while they slept!

Co-sleeping definitely worked for us, but I'm not saying that it's the way to go. It certainly isn't something for everyone, especially for people who sleeps really deeply. But then after being more involved in social media, I have learned a lot more than when I was still a new born's mum. Nowadays they have something called a bedside crib which are designed to be placed right next to the parents' bed, so that they can kind of co-sleep without the dangerous side of things (crushing/ suffocating the baby during a deep sleep, or baby falling off the parents' bed, for example). 

Take The Little Green Sheep's 3 in 1 SnuzPod for example. It has a removable mesh wall, which you can remove during night time, or keep it on during day time when using it as a rocking basket. The rocker can be removed as well, and you can also adjust the height of the crib to level it with your bed. 

Or the NSA BabyBay Co-sleeper Cot that hooks onto the parents' bed, and can be transformed into another useful furniture with separately sold accessories. 

Both are great examples of how to make co-sleeping safer. So if you like the idea of co-sleeping (benefits includes a much lower risk for cot death as well) but worry that you are a deep sleeper and might harm your baby, a bedside crib is worth considering.

Disclosure: This is a PR collaboration