Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (Not) Book and Meanings behind Doodles

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not), meaning behind drawings, doodle dictionary

Do you like doodling? We aren't very good at it, but we love reading books with lots of pictures in them, especially one that has pictures replacing words, it makes reading so much more fun! We have read a few books that has doodles in them, and they are all fun to read. But I must say that Liz Pichon, winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and current holder of the Blue Peter Book Award, did best with the doodling!

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not), meaning behind drawings, doodle dictionary

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not), meaning behind drawings, doodle dictionary

We were sent her latest Tom Gates installment - Extra Special Treats (not) (rrp £9.99) with the special hard cover Winter edition (I love hard cover books, especially one with shiny cover!) to review, and  we really enjoyed reading it!

Tom Gates, a year 5 student is on a mission to get a Star Pupil Badge before the end of the term. It wasn't looking hopeful as he almost always seem to accidentally crumpled up his homework, and Mr. Fullerman, his class teacher, commented that he would have done well if he can put more effort in his homework like he did with his doodling!

While trying to work on the Star Pupil Badge, Tom has encountered a lot of funny things throughout the Winter as well, including his Uncle and family moving in temporarily, trouble with the new neighbours, his grumpy sister who's in her teenage year, and spending time with the annoying Marcus from school!

I think the best moments was when Tom was being a very honest boy (at the wrong time!), and how sometimes he got away with things and turn it for the better for him! It's a very relaxing book to read, and gave us lots of giggles! We'd definitely recommend it, and since it's fairly easy to read, I think 5 years + shouldn't have much problem reading it.

There is also a chance for you to win a year's supply of Crayola products in the book, by becoming the UK's No. 1 Doodler! The deadline is 31st December 2013 midnight so be sure to quickly grab a copy and get doodling!

Doodle Dictionary
I was also sent something really interesting to read, and I'd like to share it with you! According to the UK's top handwriting expert, Ruth Rostron, our daydreaming doodles can reveal hidden messages! Are you or your child a daydream doodler? Let's see whether the following applies to you:

Rounded = warm, sociable, emotional, gentle, sensitive, romantic, naive, vulnerable
Pointed = intelligent, quick thinking, assertiveness, decisiveness, defensive, critical, perfectionist
Coloured = happy, enthusiastic, optimistic
Drooping = tired, drepressed, old
Large Centre = self-centred, confident, enjoys attention

Self controlled, controlling nature, practical, methodical, orderly, logical, constructive, problem solving, brainstorming; predictable, reliable, like structure in life, need security; can restrain feelings, limited spontaneity
Subdivided boxes = analytical, meticulous
Stacked up boxes =  ambitious, materialistic, acquisitive
Boxes with scribbles inside = frustrated, 'boxed in', bottled up feeling

Security, shelter. Shows feeling about home and family life; home is a place of safety and refuge from the world, wants material or emotional security, or to be settled
Large house = ambitious, enjoys good things in life
Small, isolated house = lonely, unhappy
House with few details = problems at home, home feels empty or cold

Suggests that the doodler is an affectionate, sentimental, emotional, romantic person, or someone dreaming of love, marriage and/ or sex
2 hearts = looking for commitment
Broken = broken-hearted, drama queen
Deeply shaded = unhappy, fixated, brooding

Shows desire for control and order
Well-balanced checks = good organisation and planning, purposeful, orderly, obsessive
Roughly drawn = struggling to contain anger, frustration or aggressive feelings  (I draw this ALL THE TIME when I'm waiting on the phone for customer service!!)

Person takes an interest in people and personalities.
Self-portraits = egotistical nature
In profile = secretive, want privacy
Round face = warm, sociable, wants love and be loved
Angular face = challenging, tough, aggressive doodler; may be compensating for feelings of inadequacy
Smiling = contented, enjoys family and friends, flirtatious
Sad, serious = thoughtful, melancholy, difficulty relating
Caricature = sense of humour, frustrated, conceal sadness

Suggest aspiration, ambition, and doodlers are determined to succeed; indicates intellectual or spiritual nature, optimistic, dreamer, romanticises
Precise = keen minded, meticulous, critical, exacting
Roughly drawn = argumentative, aggressive, may bend rules to get what they want

Domestic animals = home-loving, comforts, affectionate; curled up = feeling defensive
Jungle animals = aggressive, macho, frustrated
Caged = feeling trapped
Elephant, Pig = feels overweight
Hedgehog = keen minded, critical, defensive
Horse = energetic, strong character
Lion = courageous, leader, wants to take charge
Mouse = Feels small, helpless, phobic

Suggest hamonious, sociable, cooperative, kind, friendly, flecible, want to give and receive love
Large circles = confident, self-centred, attention-seeking
Small circles = feels insignificant, inferiority
Solitary = independent, feels isolated or lonely
Divided up = analytical mind
Retraced many times = stuck with a problem, going round in circles, defensive (another popular one of mine when I'm on the phone!)
Filled in = bottled up feeling, obsessive

Stick Figure
Suggest intelligent, analytical mind, recognise what is essential, get to the heart of a problem; likes facts, comes straight to the point, but can come across as abrupt or unemotional; self-controlled, may be out of touch with their own feelings, needs of others
Large head = confident, bighead, craves appreciation or attention

Type and size of boat determines interpretation; water around the boat indicates emotions
Liner on calm sea = self-assured, enjoys luxury, dreaming of holiday
Small boat on stormy sea = vulnerable, on an emotional roller-coaster
Small Sailing Boat = independent, wants freedom, loner
Speedboat = adventurous, restless, wants to get away
Warship = aggressive, macho

Did you find the meaning behind your doodles? Do you think it's accurate?

Disclosure: We were sent a book to review; all opinions are honest and our own