Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to Make a Traditional Fried Breakfast

Everyone loves the feeling of tucking in to a hot plate of food the morning after a night on the town and knowing how to make a traditional fried breakfast is a must for party animals everywhere. Whilst you can mix and match different combinations to suit your taste, below are the six essential components every cook needs to create a truly satisfying breakfast.

Whether you like them scrambled, poached or fried, the egg is the crowning glory of any hot breakfast. Depending on how many you’re cooking for, a half-dozen large free-range eggs are sure to do the trick.

Boil a pan of water with a splash of vinegar to create the perfect poached egg or lightly oil a pan to enjoy your eggs sunny side up! 


Some like it lightly toasted, some like it fried ... either way, the humble slice of bread is perfect for soaking up a golden runny yolk or supporting a spoonful of baked beans. If you’re not popping it in the toaster, crisp in a frying pan with a splash of oil.

Hash browns
Found on almost every hot breakfast plate, sumptuous hash browns are a beloved fried favourite. Although the really dedicated might want to make these potato treats from scratch, save yourself the hassle with a visit to McCain.co.uk where you can check out their best chunky hash browns which you can pop straight in the oven.


Although chipolatas are often a popular choice, for something a bit different never be afraid to try a special recipe sausage meat. A wide variety of options are now readily available in supermarkets and independent butchers stores.


With such a wide variety of bacon available, choices now range far beyond smoked or unsmoked. Whether you choose to indulge in streaky bacon, pork cheeks, speck or pancetta, get it nice and crisp by grilling for 2-4 minutes on each side.

Although a general term, ‘veg’ in this context refers to mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and for the really dedicated, bubble and squeak. To prepare the mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and pop into a frying pan with a garlic clove until cooked. For the tomatoes, simply slice and grill. For a delicious bubble and squeak, slice up leftover cabbage and mashed potato and fry either side in a pan. It tastes great and is an ideal way to use up leftovers from a Sunday roast.

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