Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sky Dancers - Jade

Sky Dancers, Flying Toy, Epic the Movie

With popular shows such as Epic, any fans would want to have their own tiny flying people at home! Character Options has released 4 Sky Dancers to fullfill these children's dreams! We were sent one of the pretty dancers - Jade to try and review.

Sky Dancers, Flying Toy, Epic the Movie

Sky Dancers, Flying Toy, Epic the Movie

Each Sky Dancers (rrp £14.99, suitable for 5 years +) comes with a flower launcher that has a little companion (ours is a purple dragonfly) attached to it. To make Jade fly, we simply have to put her on her flower launcher facing outwards (facing away from the dragonfly), and pull the dragonfly (attached to a cord) out fast. This makes Jade twirl really fast (the faster the cord is pulled the faster, higher and further the dancer flies) and fly off her flower launcher before landing (what goes up must come down!).

Abby found this a bit difficult at the beginning as it wasn't easy for her to pull the dragonfly out fast enough. After a few attempts she got the hang of it and even though she was a bit slow, the Sky Dancer took off, which made her really happy! 

I think the Sky Dancers are quite fun to play with, but as a precaution, do make sure that there is plenty of room to play, and the Sky Dancer isn't flying towards anything fragile (like TV) or other children. It's also good to advice children not to let go of the cord immediately after pulling it out as this might cause the retracting cord and bug hit their little hands (or my big one!). It's better to hold onto the bug and let the cord retract back to the launcher before letting go.

If your child loved Epic the movie, you should definitely consider getting them one of the Sky Dancers!

Disclosure: We were sent a toy for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own