Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I am a Panasonic Brit Blogger!

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So. The lovely people at Panasonics has just announced their Brit Bloggers for 2014, and I am one of the chosen ones! I am a Panasonic Brit Blogger! *Jumps around the house cheering*

As a Panasonic Brit Blogger, I'll be attending an Imaging Workshop at Panasonic HQ on Tuesday 25th February, to learn all about cameras and camcorders.You know how you get a camera/ camcorder and never fully understand what a lot of the functions do? The workshop should cover those, and I'll certainly share what I've learned with you as well, and hopefully it'll help you as much as it'll help me! I'll also get to try out one of Panasonic's camera/ camcorder that I will be reviewing here too.

On top of the review and tips, I heard that my readers you might also be getting something during the year! Isn't it exciting? I'll keep you posted for sure! For now, have a lovely week/ Half Term!